Psp Camera 3000

psp camera 3000
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  • Paint Shop Pro (PSP) is a raster graphics editor and, later in the series, a vector graphics editor for computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system that was originally published by Minneapolis-based Jasc Software.
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psp camera 3000 - inviZimals UMD
inviZimals UMD with PSP Camera
inviZimals UMD with PSP Camera
Invizimals turns your PSP into a device that lets you discover and capture the monsters living in the world around you. The excitement of capturing hidden monsters and uncovering their secret world is literally in your hands. Bundle includes: Invizimals UMD Game PSP camera.

InviZimals is an augmented reality game for PlayStation Portable (PSP) that utilizes the included PSP camera to project a gameworld filled with collectable miniature monsters against the background of the everyday reality of players. The result is the revealing of over 100 different kinds of monsters that can be captured, and primed for battle in both campaign and wireless multiplayer modes. Additional features include the ability to use the PSP camera to make movies, take pictures and possibly be used with additional games in the future.
InviZimals game logo
Monsters in Plain View in InviZimals
InviZimals turns your PSP into a device that lets you enter and explore an invisible world of mini monsters living within the augmented reality of the gameworld. This is made possible by way of the PSP camera included with the game. Attaching to the the PSP via the mini USB connection along the upper edge of the handheld, the camera utilizes the real life space and events of the player's everyday world as the backdrop for the events of the game, which are projected over this, and made visible to the player via the PSP screen.
A captured monster literally in the palm of your hand in InviZimals
The power of a world full of miniature monsters is in the palm of your hand.
View larger.
The gameworld of InviZimals is framed by a story revolving around a fictional PSP research and development team, who after stumbling upon a world filled with miniature monsters, invites players to learn the correct techniques for capturing these monsters. Once captured they must be raised, trained and leveled up for use in battles. Battles occur both within the game's single player campaign, as well as through the games wireless multiplayer option that allows players take on friends, both over ad-hoc and infrastructure connections, in head-to-head conflicts. Additional features built into InviZimals include: over 100 types of InviZimals, a range of different overarching in-game power elements to discover, a variety of power-ups and more.
The PSP Camera
In addition to being the conduit through which the InviZimals gameworld comes to life, the PSP camera is also a valuable peripheral in and of itself. The camera is rated at 0.3 megapixels, taking photographs at a maximum resolution of 640x480 and video at up to 480x272 at 30 fps. It has a wide-angle F2.8 lens that swivels to point at the user or away, has standard and macro recording modes and a microphone feature compatible with some software voice recording releases. This makes it perfect for taking pictures, making short movies and perhaps additional game and video uses.
Key Game Features
Use the PSP Camera to hunt down invisible monsters and capture them
Pit your InviZimals against each other or enjoy multiplayer fights with friends
Learn new attacks, power-ups, and evolve your InviZimals
Trade InviZimals and magical items with your friends or online
Use your PSP camera to make videos of yourself or the world around you
Additional Screenshots
Learning to capture monsters in InviZimals
100+ monsters to capture.
View larger. Two monsters pitted against each other in InviZimals
Then train them to battle.
View larger. PSP camera included with InviZimals
PSP camera included.
View larger. Special attack in action in InviZimals
Plenty of attacks & power-ups.
View larger.

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What's in my racksack for travel
What's in my racksack for travel
I'm going to Hakone, a famous sight seeing site in Japan tomorrow. These are what I bring with me. I haven't decided whether I bring the 50/1.4G or not, yet. Nikon D40 + AI Nikkor 35mm F2 [DSC_9602]

psp camera 3000
psp camera 3000
EyePet Bundle
EyePet for the PSP system now takes the pet out of the living room and anywhere you want to go. Using the PSP Camera (required) bundled with your copy of the game, you'll be able to nurture, personalize and interact with your EyePet wherever you are. Watch as EyePet reacts excitedly to the all the toys you create while you can personalize EyePet any number of ways. He even reacts to you talking and blowing into the microphone. EyePet is the first 3-D animated pet for the PSP, and is the perfect addition to any family on the go.

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