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Eagle Usb Pc Camera

eagle usb pc camera
    pc camera
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eagle usb pc camera - Pioneer AVIC-X920BT
Pioneer AVIC-X920BT 6.1-Inch In-Dash Double-Din Navigation A/V Receiver
Pioneer AVIC-X920BT 6.1-Inch In-Dash Double-Din Navigation A/V Receiver
Pioneer's double-DIN AVIC-X920BT features a 3D touch slide interface, Pioneer MusicSphere and ECO Graph. In addition, the AVIC-X920BT features a 4 GB of Flash memory, a large 6.1-inch WVGA touchscreen display, a 3D graphics accelerator, DVD playback, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music streaming, USB and iPod/iPhone connectivity, a microSD card slot, and back-up camera input.

Pioneer's double-DIN AVIC-X920BT integrates sophisticated navigation capabilities with groundbreaking features, including a revolutionary 3D touch slide interface, Pioneer MusicSphere and ECO Graph. In addition, the AVIC-X920BT features 4 GB of Flash memory, a large 6.1-inch WVGA touchscreen display, a 3D graphics accelerator, DVD playback, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and music streaming, USB and iPod/iPhone connectivity, a microSD card slot, back-up camera input, and more.

A double-DIN navigation receiver with a wealth of groundbreaking features. Click to enlarge.

ECO Graph offers a visual representation of your vehicle's environmental impact.

Complete iPod control, including voice control and the unique new MusicSphere feature.

Access Pandora stations through your iPhone.
Enjoy All Kinds of Media
The AVIC-X920BT offers audio and video playback from the most popular formats. Whether you're enjoying DivX files on DVD, MP3 audio on SD card, or iTunes AAC files on CD, there are dozens of playback options for your favorite media.
You can also access your favorite Pandora stations through your iPhone.
Ditch the Headset with Built-in Bluetooth
Take incoming calls through the AVIC-X920BT and be heard clearly without a headset, courtesy of Bluetooth technology. Connecting your compatible phone is easy and gives you instant touchscreen access to your contacts. You can also dial a contact with the sound of your voice by simply saying, "Call Jack Smith."
Audio User Interface Revolution with 3D
A new user interface features dynamic shortcuts for all built-in or connected media sources, more prominent album art display (when applicable), and improved display of audio track data. The intuitive touch slide control is utilized for audio/video source selection and for searching through new media, such as iPod/iPhone content, with a new and improved ABC Search and dual-speed scroll for List Searches. 3D animation makes the user interface a completely new, easy-to-use, and intuitive in-car experience. The AVIC-X920BT also features a customizable home menu, which allows users to drag and drop up to 15 function icons into the home page display for easy one-touch access.
Pioneer's new MusicSphere for the AVIC-X920BT allows you to easily create instant playlists from the music in your iTunes library. MusicSphere uses an advanced plug-in that works with iTunes to intelligently construct playlists from your massive music collection by analyzing attributes such as feeling (bright, energetic, gloomy, relaxing calm), rhythm pattern, beats per minute (BPM), and more. Playlists are stored on your iPod or iPhone and accessed through the AVIC-X920BT's MusicSphere interface.
Navigation at Its Best
The AVIC-X920BT offers a comprehensive map database from Tele Atlas, covering the entire United States and Canada, enabling users to route to millions of destinations, including more than 12 million points of interest (POIs). Additionally, the unit features enhanced voice recognition, including the capability to input destination addresses by voice--you can simply input an address by voice or find a place to re-fuel by saying, "Find the nearest gas station" or "Find the nearest McDonalds," and so on.
ECO Features
For consumers, the system also features the second generation ECO Driving function with new features that provide driving status reports and the driver's impact on the environment with visual images on-screen. Through Pioneer's proprietary AVIC FEEDS PC software, the unit can estimate the fuel cost of trip routes as well as the vehicle's CO2 emissions through detailed Drive Reports. Through a proprietary fuel consumption algorithm, AVIC FEEDS can also log and archive driving data and analyze driving habits to generate various reports with suggestions to improve fuel efficiency.
ECO Graph
New to this generation of eco-conscious features, the ECO Graph feature provides a view in addition to 2D and 3D, which divides the map view screen with a new graph to provide drivers with a visual representation of their environmental impact. Additionally, when a route is set, the unit will calculate a Drive Score based on driving efficiency, which factors abrupt stops, accelerations, and idle time.
Your iPod (and iPhone) Will Thank You
On top of being an exceptional navigator, the AVIC-X series delivers an iPod experience that blows away FM transmitters or cassette adapters. Even at the first glance, you will fall in love with the easy-to-use touchscreen controls for your music and brilliant 6.1-inch display for your videos. Album art is also beautifully displayed.
With the optional cable (CD-IU230V) connected to your iPod, you will notice how easily you can find songs, videos, artists, or playlists with a few simple taps of your finger. The AVIC-X920BT also features voice-activated control of your iPod. Simply say the name of an artist, album, playlist, or genre to bring up the next song.
HD/SAT Radio Ready
The AVIC-X920BT gives you plenty of room to expand your broadcast options. With optional tuners, experience the vast channel selection of XM Sirius Satellite Radio and HD Radio.
What's in the Box
AVIC-X920BT main unit, installation hardware, and user's manual.

76% (16)
M16, the Eagle nebula
M16, the Eagle nebula
The Eagle is a star cluster in an emission nebula region. The famous "pillars of creation" (immortalized by the Hubble 'scope) can be seen in the middle of the nebula. This is a quick processing job on 8 x 20min hydrogen-alpha exposures. I love all the wispy background hydrogen in this region. I hope to collect more bands.

eagle usb pc camera
eagle usb pc camera
Boss BV8962 In-Dash 7" DVD/MP3/CD Widescreen Receiver with USB, SD Card, and Front Panel AUX Input
Boss BV8962 In-Dash 7" DVD/MP3/CD Touchpanel Widescreen Receiver with USB, SD Card, and Front Panel AUX Input

Audio BV8962 is a versatile single-DIN multimedia receiver, offering playback of DVDs, CDs and plenty more, including those digital files (MP3/MP4/WMA). This receiver features touchscreen navigation on its brilliant 7-inch widescreen display, a convenient front-panel auxiliary input, a USB port, and SD Card slot. With 80 Watts through four channels, it offers plenty of power, but preamp outputs offer room for further growth.

A single-din multimedia receiver with a 7-inch widescreen touch display. Click to enlarge.

Front panel USB, auxiliary input, and SD Card slot.

Full-featured remote included.
7-Inch Touchscreen
The BV8962 features a motorized, slide-down detachable front panel with a 7-inch widescreen monitor. Touchscreen controls make navigation a breeze, and the brilliant monitor features a 1440 x 234 resolution and 600 NIT brightness--your video will look great.
Enjoy Your Media
The BV8962 will play back your DVDs/SDVDs, SVCDs/VCDs, CDs, CD-R/Ws, and WMA/MP4/MP3 files. The ESP anti-skip mechanism ensures your music or video isn't interrupted by any bumps in the road, and playback features such as a mute function, intro scan, and last position memory are all included.
When listening to digital files, enjoy full ID3 tag display of artist/track info.
Dial in the sound with separate bass and treble EQ controls, along with balance/fader.
USB and SD Connectivity
The BV8962 features a USB port and SD Card jack, so you can instantly switch out USB thumb drives or SD cards with a fresh batch of MP3 tunes/podcasts/etc.
AM/FM Radio
Enjoy your favorite radio programming with the PLL-synthesized tuner, featuring 30 station presets for instant access to your preferred stations, and switchable USA/Europe radio frequencies.
Auxiliary Input
The convenient front-panel auxiliary input (3.5mm mini jack) is a great way to enjoy audio from external devices such as iPods or MP3 players.
Power and Expandability
The BV8962 provides 80 Watts through four channels to start, and if you'd like to expand your system, use the front/rear preamp outputs to add external amplifiers.
Rear View Camera Input
Add a rear view camera for safety and convenience when your vehicle is in reverse.
Remote Included
A wireless remote control is included for convenient control of the system.
What's in the Box
BV8962 Receiver, Wireless Remote, Mounting Hardware, User's Manual

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