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Download Flip Camera Software

download flip camera software
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download flip camera software - Nokia N97
Nokia N97 mini 8 GB Unlocked Phone, Free GPS with Voice Navigation and Navigation/Car Kit--U.S. Version with Full U.S. Warranty (Black)
Nokia N97 mini 8 GB Unlocked Phone, Free GPS with Voice Navigation and Navigation/Car Kit--U.S. Version with Full U.S. Warranty (Black)
Following in the footsteps of its bigger, older brother, the Nokia N97 mini sports new homescreen widgets and a host of usability improvements. While the N97 mini still packs 8GB of storage, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, and full QWERTY keyboard into its 14.2mm thin frame, it's also the first Nokia device to offer Lifecasting with Ovi--a new partnership with Facebook that enables users to update their Facebook status directly from the device’s homescreen. It doesn't stop there though, as location details can also be updated, enabling a whole new level of social sharing and communication. The N97 mini is based on the same tilt display design of its N97 big brother, but is built into a smaller body complete with new design touches. With the ability to completely customize the homescreen, users will be able to make their N97 mini truly unique. The 3.2-inch touchscreen opens up a new world of software improvements including flick scrolling, and a range of new experiences including new homescreen widgets. What's more, the software updates are available for existing N97 devices. The Nokia N97 mini works seamlessly with Ovi Store where users can add new applications, widgets, ringtones and other content to their device. It also sports Ovi Maps and comes with integrated A-GPS and compass along with with voice navigation for driving or walking. Over 155,000 points of interest are also available through Lonely Planet guides and restaurants through Michelin Guides

Designed for the needs of Internet-savvy mobile phone users who are also conscious of style, the Nokia N97 Mini takes everything that was great about its full-sized N97 predecessor and shrinks its size by almost a half-ounce, and shaves its thin profile by 12 percent. Like it's bigger sibling, the N97 Mini includes a full QWERTY keyboard that flips open at an angle for optimal viewing, as well as a touch-enabled 3.2-inch display for easy navigation through the phone's customizable home screen.

The N97 Mini's face slides open at an ergonomic angle for easy viewing while typing on the full QWERTY keyboard.

Capture high-resolution photos and DVD-quality video using the 5-megapixel digital camera.

With integrated GPS sensor and the newest edition of Ovi Maps (full version pre-loaded on this phone or available as a free download from, you'll enjoy all essential car and pedestrian navigation features, and the ability to use navigation features even when not connected to a cellular network--great for extending battery life and saving on international roaming charges. Features include turn-by-turn voice guidance, over 6,000 3D landmarks in over 200 cities for quick recognition of the landscape around you, access to Lonely Planet travel guides, and detailed maps for over 180 countries (see more details below). You'll also be able to keep moving in the right direction with the integrated electronic compass.
And the N97 Mini comes with a Nokia Navigation Accessory Kit, which includes a mobile charger and Nokia mobile holder with easy mount that enables you to mount the N97 Mini to your dash or window.

The N97 Mini includes 8 GB of on-board storage and is expandable via optional microSD memory cards (up to 16 GB in size). It also includes integrated Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b/g) for accessing open networks at work, home, and on the road from a variety of wireless hotspots. You'll also be able to connect to a wide choice of peripherals--including stereo headphones--using the Bluetooth 2.0 with Enahnced Data Rate (EDR) capabilities.
The 5-megapixel camera offers high-quality Carl Zeiss optics, 16:9 and DVD-quality video capture, and support for services like Share on Ovi for immediate sharing over HSDPA and WLAN. Other features include an easily customizable home screen, access to both personal and corporate e-mail, Quickoffice document viewers, TV-out capability for displaying photos and videos on external televisions, stereo FM radio, USB 2.0 connectivity, and up to 7.17 hours of GSM talk time (4 hours when using 3G networks).

Unlocked Phone
This unlocked cell phone can be used with a GSM network service provider, and it offers quad-band connectivity (850/900/1800/1900 MHz). It does not come with a SIM card, and it requires that you provide a SIM card for usage with your selected service provider. This phone comes with a full manufacturer's warranty.
Additionally, this phone can be paired with 850/1900 MHz UMTS/HSDPA 3G networks in the United States (as well as 900/2100 MHz 3G networks found around the world, including in Europe and Asia). When paired with a compatible 3G network, you'll enjoy a high-speed connection offering a variety of feature-rich wireless services--from data connectivity to your office to multimedia streaming, and take advantage of simultaneous voice and data services. In areas not served by a 3G network, you'll continue to receive data service via the EDGE network (depending on network compatibility).
Note that the downloading of maps, games, music, and videos, and uploading of images and videos, involves transferring large amounts of data. Your service provider may charge for the data transmission, and the availability of particular services and features may vary by carrier.
Key Features
Fast 3G connectivity via 850/900/1900/2100 MHz bands (HSDPA)
Quad-band GSM connectivity for global voice roaming
Gorgeously colorful 3.2-inch touch-enabled display with 640 x 360-pixel resolution and support for up to 16.7 million colors. The resistive touch screen includes haptic feedback so you know when you've pressed a key or onscreen menu, brightness control, an ambient light detector, and an orientation sensor that effortlessly switches from portrait to landscape viewing.
Personalize your home screen with widgets that bring live feeds from social networks, news agencies, and weather services. Add bookmarks and contact shortcuts to your home screen so that your favorite Web pages and friends are just a tap away.
Full QWERTY keyboard flips open from the left side, and the display pivots to up to a 35-degree angle for easier reading of the screen while you're typing.

See larger image.

Integrated GPS receiver with free Ovi Maps enables you to find your route quickly and easily, whether walking or driving. Use the Walk pedestrian navigation to find your way, or the voice-guided Drive navigation to find the best route. (Learn more)
Built-in compass keeps you pointing in the right direction and the map adapts to point the same way you do
5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics with up to 14x digital zoom, dual LED flash, auto-focus, and Cover Flow viewing of photos with finger motions.
Capture DVD-quality videos (640 x 480; VGA) in a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio at 30 frames per second (fps). Other features include MPEG4/3GPP formats, up to a 90-minute clip length, video stabilization, scene settings, and video light.
Upload your photos and videos to Ovi Share and share them online with friends and family.
Secondary camera on front for video calls (QCIF resolution)
8 GB internal memory
Memory expansion via microSD card slot with support for optional cards up to 16 GB in size.
Wi-Fi networking (802.11b/g) for accessing home and corporate networks as well as hotspots while on the go.
Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.1) includes profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and the A2DP Bluetooth profile--enabling you to wirelessly stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speaker dock. If your laptop is Bluetooth enabled, you can connect wirelessly and enjoy dial-up networking (DUN profile); note that additional charges may be applicable.
SMS and MMS messaging
View Web pages on the large 16:9 widescreen display (HTML and JavaScript support, Flash Lite 3.0 and Flash video support).
Organizer tools including calendar, to-do list, notes, clock, converter, and voice recorder
Airplane mode allows you to listen to music while the cellular connectivity is turned off
Supports e-mail accounts from more than a thousand ISPs (SMTP, IMAP4, POP3), as well as Gmail, Yahoo! mail, and Hotmail. People who use Microsoft Exchange at work can access their email using the Mail for Exchange mobile email client, which comes pre-loaded (an Exchange email account is required and your Exchange Administrator must have enabled your account for synchronization).
Document viewer compatible with attachments like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and PDF files.
Digital audio player compatible with MP3, WMA, AAC, eAAC, and eAAC+ formats. Control your music with just a touch by adding the media player widget to the home screen.
Stereo FM radio with RDS capabilities
Vital Statistics
The Nokia N97 Mini weighs 4.87 ounces and measures 4.45 x 2.07 x 0.56 inches. Its 1200 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 7.17 hours of GSM talk time (4 hours on 3G networks), and up to 320 hours (13+ days) of standby time. It runs on the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies, plus 850/900/1900/2100 3G networks (HSDPA).
What's in the Box
Nokia N97 Mini handset, Nokia Navigation Accessory Kit (mobile charger DC-6, mobile holder CR-117, holder easy mount HH-20), rechargeable battery (BL-4D), charger (AC-10U), connectivity cable (CA-101), wired headset (AD-54, HS-45), cleaning cloth, quick start guide

Learn More
Free Worldwide Walk and Drive Navigation
Nokia now offers its Ovi Maps Walk and Drive navigation application free across the globe. Drivers receive turn-by-turn voice guidance including lane assistance, traffic information (in 10 countries including the U.S.), and safety camera and speed warnings, while pedestrians will be guided on shortcuts through parks and pedestrian-only zones in over 100 cities across the globe. And unlike other mobile navigation mapping solutions, Ovi Maps works offline--no cellular service is required.

Driving directions.

3D landmarks.

Lonely Planet guide.

Real-time weather.
With the new Ovi Maps for mobile you get for free:
Maps for over 180 countries and free map updates
Drive and Walk navigation available in over 70 countries with real-time voice guidance
My Position enables you to find your current location easier and faster than ever.
New one box search for quicker access to finding places and addresses.
Save your favorite places and routes, then synchronize them with your Ovi account over the air.
Car navigation with voice and visual instructions, lane assistance and speed limit information. Now also with text-to-speech voice guidance.
Pedestrian navigation with routing through pedestrian zones and shortcuts, pathways through parks and buildings, stairways and plazas. Now with text-to-speech voice guidance.
Get real-time weather information including a 5-day forecast, for your current or any location found via search.
Lonely Planet and Michelin offer you dynamic access to the best and most relevant editorial travel content for over 1000 destinations. Find thousands of listings for sights, restaurants, hotels, shops, nightlife, and more. Look these places up on the map and get to them with Walk and Drive navigation.
Discover the events happening near your location on the map or any place found via search.
Share your location on Facebook--where you are, what you are up to, and finish with a photo.
No Hidden Costs
The new version of Ovi Maps comes with all the maps and high-end, car grade navigation features you need for free, and is yours to keep for the life of the smartphone. No additional licenses are needed for extra countries, regions, or services like traffic information and city guides. Data charges from network operators may apply.
Voice Guidance and Traffic Information
Turn-by-turn, voice guided navigation comes free for both drivers and pedestrians. For drivers this includes lane assistance, traffic information, safety camera, and speed warnings. For pedestrians, this includes shortcuts through parks and pedestrian-only zones for over 100 cities around the world, as well as 6,000 3D landmarks in over 200 cities to help you find exactly where you are.
Unique Hybrid Technology
Ovi Maps is built on an advanced technology called hybrid vector maps. Vector maps are high quality but less data intensive and allow you to continue to navigate even if you lose your network connection. This means that maps downloaded or updated across a network connection are about half the size of bulky bitmaps used by other mobile map providers. The hybrid technology ensures that, unlike other providers, any downloaded map data is stored on the device for future use.
No Network Connection Required When Navigating
Avoid expensive, battery-draining network connections with Nokia's unique hybrid technology. Maps can be pre-loaded on to your Nokia smartphone so you can set Ovi Maps to offline mode, saving battery power, and the navigation system will still work. This is particularly useful for those worried about data connection costs when travelling abroad, or when you are travelling through areas with little or no network coverage.
Best Global Coverage
You take your mobile with you wherever you go in the world so, as standard, voice guided navigation for both pedestrians and drivers is available for 74 countries in 46 different languages, and there are maps for over 180 countries. This gives you the best maps with the largest global coverage for free.

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D.C. skyline, Rosslyn VA view
D.C. skyline, Rosslyn VA view
..again except for the luminance noise, not bad at all. Seriously there's even a respectable amount of fine-detail. I have another shot near work which I can't show for privacy reasons, taken in bright sunlight, I took two of them in a row, the first one came out fine, the 2nd one had these broad white stripes in it...some sort of jpeg compression error or maybe the sensor was overloaded as it was a pretty-bright scene. I'd say 80% of the shots out of this camera are ok, the odd ones have obvious NR problems. In this 500x300p format one can't really see that. And with one shot the camera can't produce nearly enough data for an 8x12" print at 300dpi, it's only 2MP. It's a decent match for my laptop display though. But your average DSLR would produce a shot much like this, because the in-camera NR would eat up the fine-detail in the back while still leaving in a fair amount of noise. I remember many 400D jpegs that came out like this, especially if shot at ISO400-800. It probably would not even have focused this well. Shooting a 400D on a landscape shot like this, on an overcast scene where the light is far from excellent and the scene full of poor-contrast, extremely fine-detail objects, with nothing big, fat and easy to focus on? It was almost certain to misfocus. Not even to mention a 10D. Then for jpegs there would be additional NR to soften the image even further. A cameraphone with a fixed wide-angle lens is not going to misfocus. One thing that I *know* is that I'm not dealing with is a camera that can't focus reliably on shots like this. So you can argue G9, G10, G11, G1, PE-1, D300, D700, A200, A700, 30D, 5D, 5DMk2 whatever but the fact of the matter here is that they would all have to compete with this level of focus, image-stability, fine-detail and noise. There are only a handful of cameras that I could say that I would not have to worry about the focus, and even fewer that I would say that I would not have to worry about it being so big and heavy that I wouldn't want to carry it, yet still gives high-enough detail, has low-enough noise and has a lens fast, stable and sharp enough to be worth the trouble of carrying it. Ignoring the price, because in the end if it gives you confidence in all those areas then it's worth the money. Price is not a problem as long as you can afford to spend the money. Very few things suck like "saving" money by buying a POS camera when a little more money would have bought a great one. It's all about knowing what counts and when it matters. ...for the rest, I can tell you this for a start: 60mm at the long end is just not enough for a travel camera. I will *always* have time to shoot a good pano, and there's no way that a single shot can match that FOV. And if the shot is really worth taking, I will find a rest if I need one. The only problem comes when there is too much motion in the FOV to take a good pano and 35mm isn't enough. That's a legitimate concern though with good pano technique you solve both problems. And the fact is, really, 28-300mm is an awesome range, but the 28mm only beats 35mm for shots where you can't shoot a pano anyway, because if you can shoot a pano and you want a wide-angle shot, you're still going to shoot a pano even with a 28mm lens. Stability-wise, 28mm is only slightly better than 35mm for handheld shooting while trading-away a lot of perspective and raising the issue of real wide-angle distortion and loss of fine-detail. 28mm is not a panacea. So you say that still you want a smaller, cheaper body & lens. The question then is what you will trade away to get a smaller body or a faster lens because you're not going to get a small, light, 28mm-300 effective with IS (unless you go for a bridge camera, which is effectively a cellphone with a superzoom in front, seriously measure the sensors: 1/3" for a cellphone vs 1/2.5" for a bridge camera) not to mention (and with bridge cameras, it's a given) you're not going to get it with low noise like you'd get with a fullframe or even a subframe DSLR and it might even be a slower lens and it almost certainly will not focus as well or as reliably unless you're giving up a low-end DSLR that can't focus reliably in low-contrast situations. You're going to have to trade things away to get a smaller body and a faster lens (if only because the mfgs haven't bought into the concept of a 1/1.8" camera with a removable lens, yet). Still in my opinion there's a point where one is worried too much about size, weight and speed, and not enough about the fact that you have to carry *something* and the whole point of carrying it is to make it easy to take good shots, that is, first and foremost, it has to focus reliably and the lens has to be decent, and the BB8320 has those two locked down. And the fact is that you're going to use a rest if it's dark enough to be a concern and one is right there. And I'm telling you, the G9 covers a lot of ground even with a 35mm wide-end
Oldtown Alexandria view from Woodrow Wilson Bridge, DC
Oldtown Alexandria view from Woodrow Wilson Bridge, DC
G9 ISO80 1/1250s F4.0 145mm > dcraw H0W AHD 3-color > Gimp crop, strong USM & contrast] ..."one for the road" :) It was one of those "electric-blue" hazy days that we get in DC sometimes...bright as hell but hazy. The luminance-noise from the G9 isn't helping here. The extra gamma isn't helping either. But overall the exposure and contrast is fairly realistic. This just doesn't have much "bite" or clarity, in my opinion. But again just what is involved in "calibrating" the camera, the raw-processing and the display, and how much better would the results look? I shudder to think of the effort required and the benefit obtained. The obvious road to improvement is to reduce the luminance-noise, and to increase the display dynamic-range and resolution. 100dpi just ain't all that much. 17" diagonal just ain't all that much. And remember the RGB pixels aren't colocated on an LCD like they are on a CRT. But still. This just looks washed-out & pasty to me, as "per-usual" with landscape shots from the G9. And I don't know why. Is it the camera, the lighting, the exposure, the raw-conversion, the post-processing, the display...what? I dunno. I can only add so-much contrast, I can only dick-around with the raw-conversion parameters so much. Gotta try a different camera & lens, shot side-by-side with the G9. But then again with any DSLR in light like this I would use both a haze-filter and a lens-hood. And if I add "enough" contrast to my G9 shots, they do clear-up. Mostly. Anyway I'm looking into ICC profiles just to see what they do but even if I like how they look on *my* system and include them in my image-files you still have to use color-management on your system that would give you a look that you like on yours. It's just too much to ask these things to actually comply with the sRGB standard I guess. Imatest, X-rite, maybe even Qimage: here we go... I wonder just how much this lens-correction capability is going to cut in to the profits over at DxO LOL especially since Photoshop and Lightroom are so much more powerful than DxO. Honestly I can't think of one 3rd-party DxO plugin :) But then again DxO is far cheaper than any Adobe photo-editing product and I can always use Gimp and I don't use many tools anyway. Anyway I am on the road at the moment using my "alternate" laptop with a 15" 1024x800 display (with my new Spring U301 3G/4G USB adapter, on 4G) and this image really looks like crap, in low-detail *and* with pastel colors :) the way the 4G is just about as fast as my Comcast cable-modem service at home with a 1Gbit Ethernet connection. And...the Sprint 4G service is unlimited (at least it is on *my* 2-year contract LOL). Now if I can either find Linux drivers or an NDIS wrapper or I go through with my plan to flip my Linux host and XP VM, that Comcast hardware and its $60/month for the lowest data-rate may be heading back to wherever Comcast HQ is. Though I will probably upgrade to the Sprint 3G/4G 5-port WiFi bridge in that case. I mean, why pay Comcast $65/month for an Internet connection that I can only use at home? But I had to leave all my image stuff at home and leave if only for a few hours a day because there are just too many ways to waste time with it. The 90-10 rule was killing me. The problem is that in even getting on the Internet there are now a semi-infinite # of ways to waste time :) We all chase dollars for a living, but what do we do when the path between us and an income is cluttered with..."spam"? Spam comes in many forms. Sometimes the path itself is spam. And who is to say that in the maze of life, one won't die of exhaustion trying to find the exit? And remember, the cheese always moves, sooner or later. Well luckily I can only waste so much time watching my own photostream in a slideshow, though I have to take back my earlier comments, it is clear that the slideshow is working from source files higher than VGA. Wouldn't be hard to tell if it's downloading the original files, but there's no point in trying to view "original files" in the slideshow that are high-resolution than the display. So if we are going to waste time with Flickr, let it at least be with Imatest and X-rite and the like. I'm sure that there are plenty of other images to look at but in terms of "attractive color" there is no obvious way "to get from hear to thar". Short of shooting jpegs or using the bundled raw-conversion software. Or maybe striking gold with Photoshop or Lightroom and ACR. Which does give me an interesting idea for a "software shootout" involving Photoshop, Lightroom, Gimp, PaintShop Pro, the Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Sony canned RC software and DxO. Plus of course Qimage and Bibble. And of course we would then have to look at different versions of each software (I'm about to write to Eric Hyman at Bibble about this). But this d

download flip camera software
download flip camera software
Motorola Barrage V860 Phone (Verizon Wireless)
This CDMA phone with PTT has a rugged clamshell body that can withstand being submerged in water. Key features include EVDO Rev A data, 2 megapixel camera, memory card slot, large external display, stereo Bluetooth, and GPS navigation.

Certified to withstand extreme temperatures, dust shock, and more, the Motorola Barrage for Verizon Wireless is built to military specifications (Mil-Spec 810F) and is designed to be submersible for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water. It's ideal for highly mobile and active users who want access to Verizon's always-on Push to Talk service. You'll stay on course thanks to the VZ Navigator GPS turn-by-turn direction service, and be able to track employees and colleagues with the Verizon Wireless Field Force Manager service. And using the Verizon Wireless 3G EV-DO data network, you can download music via the V Cast Music with Rhapsody service and watch streaming video with the V CAST Video on Demand service. See more details on optional Verizon Wireless services below.

The Motorola Barrage is constructed from chrome, glass, mesh and rubber--protecting it against blowing rain, humidity, solar radiation, high and low temperatures, blowing dust, salt fog, altitude, shock, vibration and transit drop.

The extremely durable Motorola Barrage includes a 2-megapixel camera/camcorder with video capture capabilities, and you can send snapped images of job sites, shopping trips or nightlife excursions via mobile email or MMS messaging. It's also compatible with text and popular instant messaging services. Other features include Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity for hands-free devices and stereo music streaming, memory expansion via optional microSD cards (up to 16 GB), voice commands, speakerphone, dual speakers, personal organizer tools, and up to 6.4 hours of talk time.
The Verizon Wireless Push to Talk service leverages EV-DO Rev. A technology, which provides customers with fast two-way, walkie talkie-style communication with one person or a group of people. In addition to the simplicity of one number, national coast-to-coast coverage and no hidden charges or fees, this service also offers Presence Information, which shows you who is "on" and available to receive a Push to Talk call.
Key Features
Fast 3G connectivity thanks to the reliable Verizon Wireless EV-DO, Rev A network
Meets or exceeds Military Specifications 810F standards for blowing rain, humidity, solar radiation, high and low temperature, blowing dust, salt fog, altitude, shock, vibration, and transit drop
Push to Talk capability enables you to quickly connect with one or multiple team members at the same time with just a push of a button. Connect on the Verizon Wireless nationwide broadband network, and get expanded coverage across the United States within the National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Area.
Place group calls: Hold conversations with as many as 50 total participants.
Check team member status with Presence: See who is available for a Push to Talk call.
Manage contacts for the entire company online: Add, delete and assign contacts, create groups and more.
Use one number, one device: Make and receive voice calls without needing a second device or phone number.
GPS navigation capabilities via VZ Navigator service
Clamshell phone with internal 2.2-inch display (176 x 220 pixels, 262K color depth)
External 1.66-inch color display displays current time, battery life, signal strength, and incoming calls. Also includes external music playback controls.
2-megapixel camera/camcorder (Learn more)
Digital audio player for MP3, WMA, and unprotected AAC/AAC+ formats. Sync music from your PC to the phone and create and manage playlists right on the device.
Bluetooth connectivity (version 2.1) includes profiles for communication headset, hands-free car kits, and the A2DP Bluetooth profile--enabling you to wirelessly stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones or speaker dock. And with dial-up networking capabilities, you can access the Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Connect service to use your phone as a modem. (Learn more)
Memory expansion via microSD card slot with support for optional cards up to 16 GB.
Full messaging capabilities including SMS, MMS, Mobile IM, and Mobile Email
Voice command capabilities
Dual speakers for high quality audio to cut through noise
Organizer tools including calendar with scheduler, alarm, notepad, calculator, stopwatch, world clock
Airplane mode allows you to listen to music while the cellular connectivity is turned off
Waterproof when submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes
Phone book with up to 1000 entries with multiple contacts
2.5mm headset jack
Bilingual Interface: English/Espanol
TTY compatible
Hearing Aid Compatibility = M4/T3
Vital Statistics
The Motorola Barrage weighs 4.2 ounces and measures 3.78 x 2.09 x 0.96 inches. Its 1170 mAh lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 6.4 hours of talk time, and up to 534 hours (22+ days) of standby time. It runs on the CDMA 800/1900 frequencies as well as EV-DO, Rev A 3G frequencies.
What's in the Box
Motorola Barrage handset, rechargeable battery, wall/USB charger, quick start guide, user manual

Verizon Wireless Services
VZ Navigator Capable: With this GPS-enabled phone, you'll be able to access the Verizon Wireless VZ Navigator service (additional charges applicable) for voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions, heads-up alerts, local search of nearly 14 million points of interest in the US (such as landmarks, restaurants and ATMs), and detailed color maps.
Family Locator: Securely locate your family members' locations from your Verizon Wireless device or the web. The locate feature provides you with the information you need to stay aware and stay in touch, including detailed location information and the address of your family members displayed on an interactive map and the option to receive turn-by-turn driving directions to your family member's location using VZ Navigator. You can also receive updates when your family members leave or arrive at locations that you define such as school, soccer practice or home, with monitored locations set up within a 1/4-, 1/2- or a 1-mile radius.
V CAST Music with Rhapsody: Access this exclusive digital music service for RealNetworks and for MTV Networks, which delivers unlimited monthly access to music on up to three Rhapsody-compatible mobile phones and players and online on multiple PCs and Web browsers. For a monthly fee (billed on your Verizon Wireless bill), you can load and reload your subscription songs from your PC to your V CAST Music with Rhapsody phone as often as you want, and take your music on the go.
On PCs running the Windows XP or higher operating system, you can also browse, preview and purchase music using the V CAST Music with Rhapsody software, which is available as a free download from the V CAST Music with Rhapsody download website. Additional subscription charges applicable.
V CAST Video on Demand: This optional service enables you to watch full-length TV shows plus news, sports, weather and live entertainment video clips. It features more than 100 full-length programs from leading broadcast and cable networks, ranging from highly-rated drama and comedy series to reality programs and children's programming. V CAST Video on Demand also delivers live sporting events, including NHL hockey games and an upcoming slate of college football games
The service offers unlimited viewing of Basic Videos and the ESPN MVP channel. You can choose from 14 categories, including Entertainment, Kids, Music, Sports, Comedy, News, Pop Culture, Information, Women, Latino, Home & Leisure, Multicultural, Cutting Edge, and Hollywood. Additional subscription charges applicable.
Mobile Broadband Connect: Use your smartphone as a modem for your notebook when you connect the two using a USB cable--or open a Bluetooth connection--enabling you to access the Internet or your company intranet. The Mobile Broadband Connect tethered modem capability is ideal when you're traveling and need to use your notebook to check email, access corporate networks, or download large files like presentations and reports. And with Mobile Broadband Connect, you won't have to buy an extra PC Card or other devices.
Field Force Manager: Combining a powerful Web-based application with a handset application, the Field Force Manager service provides visibility and control for all of your mobile workers. It's a turnkey wireless-solutions package that breaks new ground in resource tracking and management. It is composed of three solution modules:
Location and Tracking uses rich, detailed mapping to show the location and location history of field workers; provides location information when users clock in and out; shows where they are when they accept and complete jobs; creates an audit trail to validate job information for customers; and generates turn-by-turn driving directions.
Electronic Timecard gives employees an automated way to capture their time, and gives employers the ability to export this information into many current payroll systems for processing.
Job Dispatch provides an automated way to manage customer service requests, dispatch field personnel, and track job progress through completion.
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2-Megapixel Camera/Camcorder
Snap photos and videos on the go with this phone's built-in still camera and video camcorder, which features:
Resolution adjustment: 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 640 x 480, 320 x 240, Picture ID
Video capture and playback
Dedicated camera/camcorder key
Self timer: off, 3, 5, 10 seconds
Brightness adjustment
White balance: auto, sunny, cloudy, tungsten, fluorescent, darkness
Color effects: normal, antique, black and white, and negative

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