Hitch Spare Tire Carrier - Cycle Tyres 26x1.95

Hitch Spare Tire Carrier

hitch spare tire carrier
    tire carrier
  • Most jeeps have a spare tire mounted on the back of the Jeep.  When you have oversized tires, you may have to get an additional tire carrier that is mounted to the bumper instead of the standard carrier attached to the tailgate.
  • Same as a Spare Tire Carrier.
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Lots of additions to rear end. Added chrome trim piece to top of tailgate, hitch mounted spare tire carrier, jerry can, hi-lift jack. Jeep did not have hitch when I got it, we mounted a class III hitch to the frame and removed the bumperettes, kept the chrome frame cover/bumper. Wired for trailer lights as well.
Re-configured rear exhaust system from mufflers back, to make way for the Class III receiver hitch and the factory-correct under-bed spare tire carrier & spare tire.

hitch spare tire carrier
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