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general tire website
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  • The General Tire and Rubber Company is an American manufacturer of tires for motor vehicles.
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9/1 - Day 134 of Year 29; Getting Ready for a Monsoon
9/1 - Day 134 of Year 29; Getting Ready for a Monsoon
Woke up at 2am. Guess my day starts now. Attempted to process my Indian VISA to no avail. Fucking embassy website. Will try again later. Worked all morning from bed. Yay laptops. Lhong stopped by to pick up some work things I brought with me for the office. I was going to go into the office, but there wasn't the space today. Sounds like Monday. Which is fine with me. Did a run to the 7-11 for drink and snack. 1248: Done working. Alison said to go to Khaosan Rd. It's quite the distance, and not on the MRT or BTS, so looks like the Bus it is. I'm tired and don't really want to go out, but I gotta eat, and gotta force myself to get out there. (Getting ready above) I got on Bus 47. Now this is a serious adventure. What a rickety bus. It was a Red bus (as opposed to Yellow or Blue) which means it doesn't have AC. The busses don't really ever stop, they just kind of roll by, close-ish to the bus stop. You gotta dodge traffic and hop on. The door is in the middle of the bus, not at the front. One person driving and one with a tin box comes up to you after you sit down. It was 7 Baht (about 23 cents). Gave a 10 and got change and pointless ticket stub. The ride is crazy. Super ragged bus. The people that ride it run the gamut. Just like the people of this city. Trendy upper class to the poverty stricken. Since the bus doesn't really follow a schedule and the bus stops are kind of general areas it was hard to figure out when to get off. The note I wrote myself was "2 stops after the Democratic Monument," but I quickly realized that that wasn't going to be too helpful. Jump off the bus into moving traffic somewhere in the vicinity of where I was going. Wandered around, it started to rain. Monsoon season. Pouring rain, rain stopped, Pouring rain, rain stopped. Walked and walked. Finally found Khaosan and wandering around. Found an Octopus shirt and Hoodie that I bought instantly. Should have haggled more, but my brain was too fried to think. Also - I suck at math. It was really hard to do conversion on the fly. Then it started raining again. What I thought was 'pouring' was just a light drizzle. The roads turn to rivers and everything gets soaked. Being from Oregon I am not used to using an umbrella, but I may need to get one if this keeps up. However, I did enjoy the rain since it wasn't so bloody hot. It was like a warm shower. Exhausted, Tired, Cranky, and ready to go home. Braindead and delusional. Tried waiting for the bus to come by. And waited and waited and waited and waited. No 47. And no map or internet to be able to tell me if one of the other busses could take me to where I needed to go. So I started walking - thought maybe to catch a taxi. As soon as I leave the "bus stop" the 47 rolls by. I sprinted towards the next "stop" and then across three lanes of traffic jam to climb aboard. And of course, no seat. Had to stand. Muggy bus is muggy. Everybody is soaking wet. FINALLY made it to Rama 4 and Soi Suwan Sawat, then had to walk down the Soi. Pealed my clothes off, quickly showered, then put my Vibrams in the sink to soak, and passed out.
Scrap yard fire in Armley
Scrap yard fire in Armley
I look out my window this afternoon and saw huge plumes of smoke coming from a factory right near my house, I rode my bike as fast as I could in the general direction and got these photos. From BBC website: "Firefighters are tackling a large fire involving propane cylinders at a scrap yard in West Yorkshire. Six fire engines were called to the blaze on Forge Lane in the Armley area of Leeds this afternoon. One eyewitness told BBC News he heard a loud bang and big plumes of smoke were billowing into the sky. A fire service spokeswoman said the blaze involved propane cylinders and a large number of tyres and scrap vehicles were alight."

general tire website
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