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Corghi Tire Changers

corghi tire changers
    tire changers
  • (Tire changer) Tire changers are machines used to help tire technicians dismount and mount tires with automobile wheels. After the wheel and tire assembly are removed from the automobile, the tire changer has all the components necessary to remove and replace the tire from the wheel.

The tire changer
The tire changer
What happened to me on the way home from work. From my cellphone Heather is changing my tire. She got it done before the guy from Triple A showed up. All he did was make sure she did it right and proclaimed, "You did a good job."
Tire Changer in the Sun
Tire Changer in the Sun
Old tire changer used to remove tires from the rim located at abandoned SanAnn gas station on Duck Springs Road in Etowah county, Alabama. Photo taken with permission of owner.

corghi tire changers
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