Conti Motorcycle Tyres

conti motorcycle tyres
    motorcycle tyres
  • Motorcycle tyres provide the only contact with the ground, via the contact patch under normal conditions, and so have a very large influence over motorcycle handling characteristics. Motorcycle tyres have a round cross section to facilitate the leaning necessary when a motorcycle turns.

Motorcycle tires vs Car tires
Motorcycle tires vs Car tires
Here the bike is being leaned. Note the foot board is just below the ankle of the person leaning the bike THE CAR TIRE IS ALMOST ON IT'S SIDE WALL, YIKES!!!!!! I have read numerous comments regarding the reason motorcycle tires are not made to last as long as car tires, often the argument is the cost or more over the loss of money by the tire industry, I feel that is an invalid arguement. Motorcycle tires are made of soft compounds so the tire will bite the road. When you go through a cruve a motorcycle tire is rounded to give you the best contact patch and traction possible. The decision to go to a car tire should not be made without deep thought regarding your style of riding. The car tire did not work for me. I have been reading as much material as I could find on-line regarding the use of car tire in place of a standard motorcycle tire on the rear of my Honda VTX1800T. First and foremost I am not advocating the use of a car tire in place of a motorcycle tire and the car tire manufacturer do not want anyone puting a car tire on a motorcycle. With that said, after reading tons and watching numerous videos on You Tube, I gave it a try. I rode about 450 miles, with the car tire mounted on my bike, I road on various twisty turny roads and some 250 mile on interstate 40. While the tire held the road there were several times I felt pretty uncomfortable. One of the things most noticable was the "push" the tire imposed on the bike. By push I am talking about lateral push / movement of the bike due to changes in road contour. I also rode on pavement that was rain grooved, that was scary! The bike wobbled back and forth like the rear tire was on marbles. Another point of interest is the behavior of the bike at slow speeds on uneven surfaces, like turning around in the yard, the tire had me off balance sevral times, to the point I had to brake and put both feet down. With a motorcycle tire on the rear that would have never happened. Remember the "PUSH"? Several times will cruising at 75 MPH the tire reacted with the road surface and pushed me one direction or the other enough so I had to correct the bike. The amount of push was significantly greater than I have ever noted with a standard motorcycle tire. I hope this information will help you in your decision making process. I am taking the car tire off.
1 year later: Comp Werkes s/o PC3 TRE Conti Race Attack rubber EBC Double H Break Pads Hotbodies Rear tire hugger Tape works stripes Frame sliders (I forget manufacture) spiked bar ends ...and much more to come 07 KAWASAKI ZX10

conti motorcycle tyres
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