Auto Tire Inner Tubes

auto tire inner tubes
    inner tubes
  • (Inner tube) A tire (in American English) or tyre (in British English) is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground.
  • A separate inflatable tube inside a pneumatic tire
  • (inner tube) an inflatable rubber tube that fits inside the casing of a pneumatic tire
  • (Inner Tube (The King of Queens)) This is a list of episodes for the television show "The King of Queens" that aired on September 21, 1998
  • Such a tube inflated and used for recreational purposes
    auto tire
  • car tire: a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel

smart 42
smart 42
from the smart website: The smart fortwo vehicle concept is unparalleled and will set new standards in its class. Designed to achieve a 4-star crash rating in the USA, find out what makes the smart fortwo so safe. When you are on the leading edge of vehicle efficiency and small vehicle design, the issue of safety is a critical element. That's why the core design philosophy of the smart fortwo is focused on something called the tridion safety cell. Much like a nut is protected by its hard outside shell, the smart fortwo's occupants are protected by a steel housing that combines longitudinal and transverse members that displace impact forces over a large area of the car. So it's not about the amount of steel, but how that material will resist an impact. That's what the tridion safety cell is all about. What's a crash box? The smart fortwo is designed with steel bumpers at the front and rear that are bolted to the safety cell?s longitudinal beams via slip tubes. They can be replaced after minor collisions at low costs. For parking lot bumps, an impact of less than 2 miles an hour won't affect the crash box at all. Up to about 10 miles per hour, the slip tubes move to keep impact away from the tridion safety cell. Over 10 miles an hour, the tridion safety cell transmits impact over its entire surface to dissipate energy and protect its occupants (assuming a perpendicular impact involving the entire front width). At the rear of the car, the crash box is also built of steel, which crumples much like the front slip tubes do. At an impact exceeding the severity threshold, the fuel supply to the engine is stopped and the central locking system is automatically unlocked. Side impact strength You might have noticed that the smart fortwo has a pretty short wheelbase, but you probably haven't thought of that as a safety feature. If you suffer a side impact in your smart fortwo, chances are that the car hitting you will hit the wheels and tires of your car. Those wheels and tires are connected to either longitudinal structural members or axles that help to displace the crash energy. Each door also has a side brace installed. he smart fortwo comes standard with many active safety features that will introduce you to a whole new set of acronyms and keep you safer in the process. esp® -- One of the standard features on your smart fortwo is something called Electronic Stability Program or esp®. When the esp® sensors indicate a skid or swerving of your car, they automatically control the engine throttle and the Anti-Lock brakes to maintain your present course. Also integral to the esp® safety system is Electronic Brake-Force Distribution Control (EBD), which helps to prevent the rear wheels from over-braking. ABS - Another feature of esp® is the Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS). With ABS, you can hit your brakes hard knowing the ABS circuitry will apply and release each brake independently to keep you from skidding regardless of the type of road surface each wheel is on. CBC - When you enter a corner and apply your brakes, the unequal forces at each wheel can result in a skid or a complete "end-around". With Cornering Brake Control (CBC) the inner wheels require less brake force due to less traction. CBC counteracts a potential tendency to swerve by distributing brake forces selectively - even below the threshold of ABS activity. BAS - Avoiding accidents is often measured in inches. Electronic Brake Assist can sense when you have stepped on the brake quickly but have not applied it hard enough to activate the ABS system. It can be the difference in reaction time you need to avoid an accident. ASC and ETC - Acceleration Skid Control (ASC) and Engine Torque Control (ETC) are designed to help the smart fortwo move forward on slippery surfaces. ASC acts much like a differential lock but does it by directing power to the wheel offering optimum traction. ETC provides engine control when driving on slippery surfaces. It "feathers" the throttle on low traction acceleration and limits torque in down shifting applications. HSA - The 5-speed automated manual transmission of the smart fortwo is equipped with Hill Start Assist (HSA) which allows you to pull away on a hill without having to apply the handbrake. As you lift your foot from the brake pedal while sitting stopped on a hill, HSA holds the brakes on for about a second to give you time to move your foot to the accelerator. So don't worry about driving your smart fortwo in San Francisco. All smart fortwos are equipped with a package of passive safety features. Full driver and passenger front airbags and side airbags for head and thorax protection are standard. The steering column will collapse in the event of a serious front-end collision. The smart fortwo also has a sophisticated safety belt system, incorporating belt tensioners that sense motion changes to reduce slack in a few milliseconds while also triggering a belt force limiter designed to rel
DAY #2
DAY #2
The second day i started out dry and cold. Knew I had to take the bus into town get a refund for the beloved whitewalls then purchase some new ones. One dilemma I had no one to watch the buggy. I was across the street from ther Hawaii KaiTownCenter with a 4-lane road separating the park I was in and the management office who said they would keep the buggy in an empty room along with my drivers license while I went into town. The five folks I had asked that had trucks if they could help me across the street, declined, mainly for the reason they had to get to work. So I carried my two rucksacks across during a lull, dropping one, having to run back and get it and cross the hwy before becoming road kill. I truly felt like a ?Live Frogger?. I then went back across the hwy retrieved the buggy and drove it across on one tire, trying not to put to much pressure on the one tire alone. Needless to say I made it got the buggy situated in Room 111 and went out to the bus stop, where a #1 bus heading into town came shortly after. I wasn?t to keen on spending my 2cd day incapacitated, yet I knew what I had to do. Yes I did get to talk to folk about recycling, yet the surprise of all surprises, was how 100% of those I talked to agreed it was not unfair to ask the Military to take the next landfill on their land. I found this to be the case with everyone I talked to even those who were in the military. So I stopped at McCulley bike shop where I bought the whitewalls. I had noticed where on this tire the integrity of the whitewall was and seemed to have been compromised. Since when I bought these they only had 1 in inventory I had asked the supervisor where he found the second one, ?in the back wherehouse?, was his response. I came back with ?where under a 2 ton truck??. He then wanted to do me an even exchange with these really cheap $6 tires whose tire walls looked as thin as nylon stockings. Not to say I paid $12.95 a piece for the whitewalls. He tried negotiating some other deal with me, when I finally said I want my money back, I will return the other whitewall at the end of my trip, yet I need two of the same type of tires on each side. Finally he agreed to refund me the whole amount $27 and some change and gave me a complimentary extra 12? inner tube. Good riddance I said. I gathered my self up and headed over to ? The Bike Shop? on King Street where I had purchased the rims at. There I found the red walls used on the ?extreme bikes that looked brand new and durable. The picture was taken at King and Piikoi St, was I was awaiting the #1 Lunalillo Home Road bus. After a much needed nap I arrived back at the Town Center at 4:15pm, with 45 minutes to spare before every went home for the day. The tires had a very tight fit to go on the rims. I had a guy at Napa Auto Parts put one on and the other one waited til later when I made trip back to Costco tire shop. They were so tight even Dominic from Costco had a difficult time putting it on. Considering there was no place in Hawaii Kai to buy tires for bicycles. Finally I was up and running and ready for the next leg of the road, a night jaunt between Hawaii Kai and Sandy Beach. I rolled on over to Foodland the last oasis for awhile and stocked up on some food items and juice. Must have been shift change cuz what seemed like every cop and undercover was hanging out by the Foodland and gas station. Then I noticed the road I was to travel on said no pedestrians. And all these cops around. SO I rolled up to a playground took a nap and went up on this other road to circumvent the major intersection by Foodland. Then the rains began. In sheets, torrential sheets at this point it is 12:50 am on the 17th, yet I am on my way.

auto tire inner tubes
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