Watch Brothers And Sisters Streaming

watch brothers and sisters streaming
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{ the big sister dance} +2 in comments
{ the big sister dance} +2 in comments
© Paint the Moon Photography 2010 Images may not be used in ANY way - period! Little Miss A yelled at me ... "Hey, mommy, I've got a great idea to show you for a picture!" I'm always excited about a child who *wants* to have her photo taken! :) So, we get in the studio and I ask her what she wants to do (sometimes this involves elaborate props and such ... she gets pretty creative). She yells again with much excitement, "I have a special new big sister dance ... just for girls who are going to be big sisters to little sisters!!" And away she went. She got laughing so hard that she literally FELL OVER. I was laughing so hard that I almost fell over too. Gosh, I love this girl!! :) And, yes, that pink paper is still up. I actually changed it yesterday to one called "pecan" ... they should have named it "poopy baby nappy" instead. Ugh, so ugly. That one is becoming art paper for A. I have such a hard time changing the nine foot rolls by myself with my illness that I'm just waiting for my new small rolls which are coming today hopefully. I love my pink (obviously), but my stream is starting to look like Pepto Bismol at a glance. :) Processed with Paint the Moon actions.
Sister dear
Sister dear
My sister holds me tight My sister kisses me goodnight My sister knows when I’m mad My sister helps me when I’m sad My sister is so smart My sister has my heart My sister loves me lots My sister ties the knots

watch brothers and sisters streaming
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