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          My '83 Futura build  

 My very first car was a '78 Fairmont Futura.
   The '78 Ford Fairmont  was a fun car and alot of fun working on it. I learned so much about cars and spent alot of time with Dad working on it together.
   The car had a 200 cubic inch,six cyl. engine and C-4 trany.The car was do for a new engine and I wanted to put a V-8 in that red rocket-to be!
    The engine I chose was a '69 302 with a Torker II intake and Holley 600 Vac. Secondary carb. I worked at NAPA Auto Parts at the time and did alot of research on the parts I needed to do the job.
    Today I think I am still the first one to put a V-8 in a Fox Chassis with a 6 cyl. K-member! I did it about 20 years ago and still remember how to do this cheap swap.I have passed the information to others and they too have done this swap!
     The car performed very well until she crapped out on me one day!The old '69 block had seen better days,and now it was time for fresh meat! This time I  took a '78 302 block and used a 351 W cam and fire order with my Torker II intake and Holley 600 Carb.
     Wow,That was one mean engine and I still could of had a lot more with it. Like headers and dual exhaust and possi rear!! It was a very smooth running engine and still go t 22 MPG.
          Well...the story goes on and know I have an '83 Fairmont Futura  that is going to be built up even better.
    This '83 had 68,000 miles on it when I bought it in 2001 and  never saw snow.It is just like new and runs like it,too! It has the 200 6 cyl. in it as well....for now!
     I have an  351 W engine that will hope to have 400 HP when completed and will be sitting on a K-member kit from QA1 with the tubular A-arms, Coil Over struts and Caster Camber kit. I also have '98 Mustang GT front spendals,rotors, and calipars.I have the 8.8 rear end as well from that Stang and it has the rear disc brakes
  If you need info or help on your build, email me at :  

 My first Fairmont 

F/Z Gathering

Ok !! I finally found some one to give me the date to post.
The plan is we can meet up the day / night here at my home in Faribault,Mn. before which is Friday June 11th 2010 and then Sat. June 12th cruise down to Fairmont, Mn. for the Interlaken Hertiage Days Car Show. Then we can stay there for the night or come back here to Faribault. Sunday would be a day we would meet at my place again for some food, drinks, games, trophy's, etc. and maybe even a short cruise into town....any ideas are welcome.
Figure Monday would be back to and no play.......yuck!

Dustdevil and I would like to hear your ideas and we want to start a list again of people who will be attending. Remember, the focus is F/Z's but we will welcome other Fox chassis cars. There is also no reason why any one and everyone cant come with other great cars/trucks to the car show. Just dont be mad if your not the center of attention. Idea is fun time for everyone but to show off the forgotten car...the original Fox Chassis !!

So...the date is June 11th - June 13th, 2010 !!!
This is 302 H.O. sitting on a 6 cyl. K-member.

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Eric Shirley,
Apr 25, 2009, 10:08 PM