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Jess Allen, who lives at Caplor Farm, came to our January 2013 meeting to give us her first thoughts on completing a month long project “All in a Day’s Walk”. Jess had just spent a month eating nothing which was not produced within a day’s walk of her home. She was seeking a way of talking with people about her views on sustainability and learning about our local food network. Given the time of year, the exceptionally wet walking conditions & the fact that Jess is vegetarian this presented many challenges. She found the slowing down to fit the walking pace and the time needed for food preparation gave valuable space to think. She wonders if we sacrifice much to apparent convenience. Jess will continue to explore her ideas combining slow food with slow activism & we invited her to come back and talk further with us later in the year. We felt Jess’s exploration of what form of activism is most effective is something which is very relevant to us. You can find out more about Jess's project on her web site