Links & Information

If you're been interested by what you've read on this site, then you might well find it worth following some of these links to learn more. Alternatively, if you've found something interesting that you think could be added to the site just let me know by emailing - New Leaf Web Site - Carbon Rationing Action Groups - a huge range of information and resources - 350 - Environmental Justice Foundation - Transition Towns - Greenpeace - Plane Stupid - Government web site giving guidance on setting up community energy projects
Three web sites exploring issues about wood as fuel -\
Interesting Articles -
New Statesman - How fences could save the planet
The Resilient Gardener - a transcript of a talk given by Frank Hemming to Herefordshire Friends of the Earth
Grassfed livestock & Carbon Sequestration - Real clothes for the Emperor - a lecture by Kevin Anderson at the Cabot Institute