350 Trees Project

Tree Planting Day

This project has now been completed. We had undertaken to plant 350 trees within the village before the end of 2009 and, on 28th November, we completed the job. The slideshow here tells you a lot. (If you'd like to see any of these photos in a bit more detail you can view the album here.) Some of us were interviewed by BBC Hereford & Worcester on the morning before the event.  It didn't rain on the day itself - though it was pouring down at 7am. Lots of people came to help. Paul Keetch, our local MP, came to plant the final tree. We had a great lunch in the memorial hall. Soup made from local vegetables. Local bread, cheese, butter. It tasted great. Trees were planted on public land - for which we got lottery funding - and on private land. The project was led by the local Carbon Rationing Action Group with the support of the Parish Council, but many local groups and businesses also took part. November 28th,“Tree Planting Day”, coincided with the National Tree Week - but we weren't simply planting trees because we think they look nice - you'll see why we were doing it by clicking on the links below, which are an archive of the original web site created to publicise the event. You find the list of tree types we planted here.

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