34 Inch Wide Refrigerators

34 inch wide refrigerators
  • An appliance or compartment that is artificially kept cool and used to store food and drink. Modern refrigerators generally make use of the cooling effect produced when a volatile liquid is forced to evaporate in a sealed system in which it can be condensed back to liquid outside the refrigerator
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34 inch wide refrigerators - Danby Built-In
Danby Built-In Wine Cooler (Black) (12.12"H x 23.69"W x 34.06"D)
Danby Built-In Wine Cooler (Black) (12.12"H x 23.69"W x 34.06"D)
This Danby Wine Cooler is the perfect way to chill your wine and display it at the same time. With a maximum capacity of 27 bottles, space is not an issue. The temperature range is from 39F to 64F. The cooler features a tempered glass door with stainless steel frame and handle, 7 sliding black wire shelves with stainless steel trim and an interior blue LED display light. The unique integrated door lock is childproof for ultimate beverage protection. Assembly level/degree of difficulty: No Assembly Required.

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Wide Angle LX5 Test
Wide Angle LX5 Test
Went to a cam store a few days back, looking for an LWA52 attachment for the LX5. The LWA52 is supposed to give an 18mm view (35mm equivalent) - essentially a wide angle lens converter. Unfortunately there was no stock of the item ANYWHERE. We eventually found one of those brands of wide angle adapters - this particular brand sounded German, but we were told by the salesman it was Singaporean. Funny if you ask me, but we decided to try it anyway. So here's a test image. For others, technical image quality is the utmost important. To me, in my most humble opinion, it's about the shot and how you prefer your pictures to be. Like one particular gentlemen told me in a very assertive manner, wide angle attachments are useless, nonsense accessories. Worthless, is the word he actually used if I remember correctly. Anyway, I leave you to judge whatever you want on the technical quality of this image shot with an LX5 using a generic wide angle converter attachment. At around a 150SGD nett - not bad I would say, specially if you don't want to lug your UWA along with your SLR body around while walking all day. Panasonic LX-5 + Wide Angle Converter. Shot in JPG. No Adjustments, SOOC.
Wide angle shot
Wide angle shot
Testshot from my home office with the 10-20 mm wide angle Sigma lens. Although it is designed for the APS-C chips (with a crop factor of 1.6) I tried on the full frame camera. I had to cut the borders. But I like the result.

34 inch wide refrigerators
34 inch wide refrigerators
Danby Dwc1534bls 34 Bottle Silhouette Built-in Wine Cooler - Glass Door / Stainless Steel Trim
Danby DWC1534BLS 34 Bottle Silhouette Built-In Wine Cooler - Glass Door / Stainless Steel Trim. DWC1534BLS. 34-50 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerators. This great wine cooler from Danby has a 34 bottle (3. 7cu. Ft. ) capacity for spacious storage options. The DWC1534BLS also sports an Electronic thermostat with LED Dispenser, a Temperature range of 4 C- 18 C (39. 2 F - 64. 4 F), and Frost free operation. The Cool blue LED track lighting system illuminates the interior without the heat of an incandescent bulb. This is a great way to prevent heat disturbances while storing wine! This wine cooler requires integrated application; (Intended for 15 inch cabinet openings). The shelves are trimmed in Stainless steel, and the Elegant Tempered glass door also boasts a classic stainless steel trim. There is a Reversible hinge for left or right hand opening, and a Safety lock with key for added storage security. Wine Cooler Dimensions: (34. 06 inch H, 15 inch W, 24. 75 inch D).