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Of the major battles of the Civil War, Stones River had the highest percentage of casualties on both sides. The King left London in March 1642, open hostilities between

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Royalists and Parliamentarians did not immediately break out, for both sides feared the consequences of civil strife. Charles finally raised his standard two months later in Nottingham. The first major engagement, which was inconclusive, took place at Edgehill in October but Royalist forces then threatened London, the key Parliamentary stronghold. By autumn 1643 the north and the west (apart from a garrison in Gloucester) were in Royalist hands, although Parliament held back the tide in the (drawn) first battle of Newbury. The crucial event of 1643 was Parliament's alliance with the Scots in the Solemn League and Covenant, which led to the major defeat inflicted by Parliament and Scottish invaders at the battle of Marston Moor (Jul 1644). However, the King's forces in the west gained victories over the Earl of Essex in the battle of Lostwithiel (1643), and in the second battle of Newbury against the combined forces of Essex, the Earl of Manchester, and Sir William Waller. In 1645, strengthened by the creation of the New Model Army, Parliament's cause advanced in the Midlands and the west, with important victories at Naseby and Langport. The first civil war ended in 1646 when Charles sur-rendered to the Scots at Newark (May) and his Oxford stronghold fell in Jun. Negotiations between the King and Parliament had begun in 1645 with little success, and there was continuing disagreement over religion, in particular Parliament's disestablishment of the Church, and the King's prerogative rights, many of which had been abolished by Parliament. In 1647 the army presented the King with the Heads of Proposals, which demanded both religious toleration and Parliamentary control of the armed forces. Charles made a secret alliance with the Scots.
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