The script is between scene sketches.
Scene Design:
scene sketch01: the character's bedroom
scene 01.The story starts with the character sitting on the chair surfing the Internet. The sun shines through the open window and the camera convert from the character's back to her side face. She is holding her chin in her hands, appears to be bored and sleepy, with eyelids open and close for several times and then the scene turns dither and finally black(from the character's perspective).

scene sketch02: (in the character's memory) the town in the past
scene 02. the scene becomes lighter and has a old film effect, several kids are playing around, a girl(little Lina) looks around with a few suitcases by her. She follows her parents into a house. 
scene 03. There's a knock on the door and the girl opens it. A young boy with big smile on his face says he lives next to her and asks her to go outside to have fun together. They then go on a tour of the small town with a boat. It's kind of bustling on the bank with people doing all kinds of things. Some young people are calling out for attracting customers to their restaurants, some old people are having tea under the tree. 
scene 04. Suddenly, there's a noise of text message. The scene turns black and the character opens her eyes reluctantly. It shows "Sorry, I am quite busy these days, maybe we can go out next time...".
scene 05. The character decides to pay a visit to the neighbour. She stands in front of the neighbours door, tries to knock the door but stops and gives up when her hand is almost there. She sighs and goes back home.

scene sketch03: (in reality) the city of today
scene 06. The character is sitting in the chair, staring at the computer in front of her. She looks out the window and then the camera goes from her point of view to her back-above side, slowly pulls farther and higher, until it shows the whole picture of the city.

Character Design:

      Main Character:
      Name: Lina
      Age: 20
      Personality: a little bit shy with strangers, but much relaxed with those she's familiar with. She feels sad about the aloof relationship between people(neighbourhood) nowadays. And she is very nostalgic about the city and people in the past.
      Background: Lina is a college student who works at a cafe as a part-time job. She used to go out with friends when she was little. But now she usually spends her spare time at home, watching television or surfing the Internet aimlessly. She moved to this city when she was 8 years old. At that time, it's only a small town but people here were easygoing and very nice to each other. It had a harmonious atmosphere with undeveloped natural environment. Now, with the development of industry and technology, the small town becomes a big city. Traditional architectures have been replaced by skyscrapers. People are all busy with their own work and care little about others. 

Secondary Characters:
The girl on the left is the main character when she was 8 years old. She just moved to a new town with her parents. At first, she was afraid to go out because she's very shy, but later she found that people there are very friendly and she began to love the peaceful and sometimes bustling town.

The boy on the right lived next to the girl's new home. He is naughty, energetic and cheerful. He has a bandage on his face, apparently he got hurt recently when playing around. He is the first person to talk to Lina when she  arrived here and he showed her around the town by boat.