Pictures of cute baby kittens. 17 week baby development. Age by age guide to feeding your baby

Pictures Of Cute Baby Kittens

pictures of cute baby kittens
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Feeding the baby!
Feeding the baby!
+ More pictures in first comment + A friend of mine asked me to stay at her house for 1,5 days because she went to theme parks and someone had to feed her kittens. They are sooo adorable, I Iove them all even though the one in the first picture obviously is the cutest baby. He's a lot smaller than the other kittens. My friends cat had 4 kittens of her own but my friend adopted 3 other kittens (the tiny grey one, the tiger and a black one) from someone who had to go back to the USA and couldn't take the kittens with her. My friends cat doesn't even know they are not her babies so she's feeding them perfectly and we couldn't be happier about that. The grey one however still stays smaller than everyone else. In other news today I was finally able picking up a new lens for my study after saving up.... but the lens was sold out in every store. I figured photographing the kittens would be perfect trying everything out with the new lens but sadly that couldn't happen.
153/365 KITTEN
153/365 KITTEN
Look at this baby! A hippie was trying to give him to me today. When I told her I couldn't because I had to go back to the US soon, she said "AMERICA?! Hear that, baby? you're gonna be famous like Sylvester, Felix, and Garfield!" hahaha. So cute. So today Cindy and I hung out together. We got crepes and coffee for breakfast. Then we went to the hippie market and got ties for the school-themed party in Ibiza. Then we met up with Sofia and her friend Jacinto. Afterward, I went home and cleaned my room. Then Cindy and I met up with Karina and her friend Vanessa for Shawarmas for dinner! A very fun day I'd like to take this time to make a formal apology for my lack of 365 updates. It's hard to remember to take pictures. It's hard to update on time. I guess it is for everyone. Excuses are stupid. I need to work harder. Please, love me 365 world.

pictures of cute baby kittens
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