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White Gloss Dining Table

white gloss dining table
    dining table
  • (Dining Tables) The first dining tables of which survivors remain are the type known as refectory tables. They are made usually of oak, and one of the earliest, at Penshurst Place in Kent, has a typical thick top of joined planks supported on three separate trestles.
  • a table at which meals are served; "he helped her clear the dining table"; "a feast was spread upon the board"
  • A table on which meals are served in a dining room
  • A table is a type of furniture comprising an open, flat surface supported by a base or legs. It may be used to hold articles such as food or papers at a convenient or comfortable height when sitting, and is therefore often used in conjunction with chairs.
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white gloss dining table - Bellini Modern
Bellini Modern Living Iconic Dining Table
Bellini Modern Living Iconic Dining Table
Bellini Modern Living is renowned for offering high quality and innovative furniture. We are passionate for providing unparalleled quality furnishings that enable individuals to express their personal style in fresh and exciting ways. Whether you are looking for dining, living or entertaining furniture, your home will benefit from the exceptional collections Bellini has to offer. This is a stunning rectangular 71 inch white high gloss lacquer table. Supported by a metal base, the table and leg support are also finished in white high-gloss lacquer, creating a modern, streamlined look. The rectangular base ensures that the table is sturdy and secure, and will be an iconic feature in your home, or business for years to come. Features: Simple design fits with any modern decor White high-gloss top is easy to clean Strong, wide base ensures strength and durability Specifications Dimensions: 30 in. H x 39 in. W x 71 in. D Weight: 110.5 lbs.

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Felley Priory [ slot minus 18 ]
Felley Priory [ slot minus 18 ]
Above picture : the Felley Priory circa 1900 . _________________________________________________________________ Text > > > Felley and its Priory Through the centuries Felley's changing landscape of trees ,hillslope, and valley bottom has been a place of continuous human drama. However , while the Great , the Good , and the downright Bad acted out their lives' scenes , countless Others - men and women now long forgotten and of little consequence by comparison - lived out lives as the lookers-on , as the spectators , to all the grand goings-on around them . Perhaps Felley's beauty - its God-given - was taken for granted by those whose days were much more taken up by matters of survival than admiriation of nature. The ways and high affairs of the noble , the important and the wealthy - and especially those ofdignitaries who were local and could occasionally be seen " in the flesh " - would always have been more interesting and exciting matters of conversation . The area of land that is now known as Felley was a place of human habitation long before the priory was established in the mid twelfth century. The place-name Felley evolved from the Saxon words " feld " , which means a stretch of unenclosed land and the word " leah ," meaning a woodland clearing . Today the word " leah " continues in everyday use as " ley " - ley being a familiar tag to the names of the villages Annesley and Brinsley which are close by it. When Saxons first cleared and then ploughed Anneley land they began the creation of an 'undulating tract of land' as its eventually deforested landscape condition was to become and be poetically described . Its first settlers are imagined to have been comparitively few in number , having a small settlement of tree-sheltered wooden dwellings overlooking a view of the south. (Click to an area map that shows Felley Priory as Felley Abbey on a circa 1860 map. ) The Founding : Ralph Britto , Lord of Annesley founded the priory of Felley in the year 1156 , providing a body of Augustinian Black Canons the church and hermitage of Felley. He also gave them his church at Annesley with rents sufficient to sustain a lamp burning during all its service hours . Reginald de Annesley's son Ralph , confirmed his father's gifting . Before the founding of the Felley Priory and before the year 1 1 5 1 Ralph Brito had given " the place of Felley to Robert the hermit : the precise place of the man's hermitage and the exact date of the gifting being unknown.It is speculated that the hermit carved out a cave dwelling or himself in a sandstone hillside, as was done by the hermit at Dale Abbey not far away , or that he constructed a dwelling of stone or of wood , but whatever the exact details were , in 1151 the hermit lost his hermitage when Ralph Brito evicted him from his land .During Ralph Brito's days the founding of priories and monasteries became politically and strategically sensible because by such patronage a Lord could anticipate gratitude , support and profit in return. In 1151 Ralph Brito and his son Reginald established a local priory for " Austin Canons of Saint Mary " , canons commonly known as " Augustinian black canons " - or entirely accurately as , " Canons Regular of the Order of Saint Augustine ". He bestowed upon them " the * church and hermitage of Felley " plus his church at Annesley and money for the maintenance of the Priory's church. Note : * Just how substantial or otherwise that church was then and quite how it had come to be built , if it indeed it had been at that 1 1 5 1 date , is not known.However,the matter was not brought about without political discord , for the first canons at the new priory were from the the Priory at Worksop and the older priory duly asserted its right to the newly granted land . A surviving Worksop Priory register , indicates that Ralph and Reginald had in fact granted the church of Felley to the priory church of Worksop . Worksop priory sought the subjection of the upstart and few in number canons of Felley - under their Prior Walter - and appealed to Rome .The Church of Rome accepted the Worksop Priory's view and Pope Alexander III , by a bull of 1161 , confirmed that Felley Priory was in subjection to Worksop Priory. It was to remain so until the year 1260. ( Note : A hilltop in the Robin Hood Hills near Worksop is the highest point in the County of Nottingham , it being 650ft above sea level. ) Worksop Priory - The Market Cross and Gatehouse of Worksop Priory. Worksop PriorySaint Augustine - The cannons (monks ) of Felley followed the teachings of Saint Augustine . Augustine , or AUSTIN, ST. : first Archbishop of Canter
To enlarge the picture click on "All Sizes" in the little menu just above pic. On the right is a crude mock up of some suggestions. I know you are trying to figure out what to do with the large pitched ceiling wall. The picture on the right gives you some food for thought. If this were my space I would not try and accentuate the pitch in the ceiling. In other words, you do not have to place decor high up on the wall or directly under that pitch. Draw an imaginary ceiling line using the natural wall height on either side of the open space. I feel that the wall just needs some weight added to it. 1. Visually divide the room by adding a nice curio or book case to the left and right of TV. You can even shop for whole entertainment units that incorporate this concept. 2. Put a plant to the left of the book case to transition the spaces. 3. Add a corner hutch on dining room side. I feel that this will balance out the weight that is to the right over in the TV area. I would not put another large piece directly behind the table as the entertainment center and a heavy hutch would compete. By placing a corner hutch you counter balance with out being overwhelming. 4. Add a buffet console on wall directly behind table and then place a large framed print above that. You could then add those candle stick lamps on each end of buffet. 5. Change out your chandelier. Hanging the chandelier so that it is about 36 inches above the dining table will help balance out the space not to mention add more focus light on the dining table. The chandelier you have now mounted so close to the ceiling gives me the feeling that it accentuates the pitch and high ceiling. Some people would like this but I feel you need to bring the eye down into the “living quarters” of the room to make it feel cozier. People already get a sense of the expansiveness of the ceiling when you enter the room so think about bringing the eye down. 6. Consider spray painting the dinging room table and chairs that are white to a deep chocolate brown. I feel that this is needed to help anchor the space since you do have such an open airy feel to the two rooms. If you decide to try and paint, be sure to wash/scrub the white parts thoroughly. It is important to get all oily residue off the surface. Then wipe it down with something like Painters Helper Liquid Sand. This puts a little bit of a roughness to the surface so that paint will adhere better. I prefer using spray paint for things with slats like your chairs. First use a spray primer. Then use the dark color of your choice. You will need a lot of cans of paint to complete this project. I always buy way more than I think I will need because I can always take back unused cans. As your last step, spray with a clear coat. It’s up to you whether you want a high gloss or more of a matt gloss. 7. New rug. Consider a rug that is a darker color. Your room is so large that it really would look good with something darker which will also anchor the space. Check Overstock.com for area rugs. I think they have the best prices and shipping is either $2.95 or $1. (They change their shipping cost a lot-its one or the other though). I have done a lot of business with them, especially with carpets. Check the ratings when you see one you like. If no rating, don’t shy away. Overstocks returns are painless and they credit your account quickly after receiving item back. You have to pay return shipping. Like once I returned an 8 foot round wool rug and it costs $24. I figured this was no biggy because I only paid $1 for shipping so it was kind of like as though if I had paid shipping to get to my house I then didn’t have to pay shipping to return. Ha. Did that make sense? _______________________________ The floor plans below the mock up shows you two different ways to arrange your furniture. Some posters have suggested you move the sofa across from the window. I know you had it that way once before. However, I don’t think you had the sofa and recliners so that they formed more of an L shape. I saw the pic and felt that the two recliners needed to be pushed back and the sofa pulled closer to recliners. Anyway, that arrangement might work to also help divide the space. Personally, I like where the recliners are in a V. Mostly because it is easier to get to the TV area from the kitchen and the front door. *shrug* You really have to go with what you feel comfortable with. It is sometimes hard to make suggestions when you haven’t really walked through the space in real life.

white gloss dining table
white gloss dining table
Nicole End Table / Wine Rack in White Gloss
NICOLE WHT Bellini Modern Living is renowned for offering high quality and innovative furniture; passionate for providing unparalleled quality furnishings that enable individuals to express their personal style in fresh and exciting ways. Whether you're looking for dining, living or entertaining furniture your home will benefit from the exceptional collections Bellini has to offer. Features: -End Table / Wine Rack. -White gloss finish. -Modern style. -Dual function end table with storage for 13 wine bottles. -Two practical drawers for storing items. -White high gloss finish with clear tempered glass. -Modern design. -Manufacturer provides one year warranty.