Antique Oak Clawfoot Table. Antique Mahogany End Table.

Antique Oak Clawfoot Table

antique oak clawfoot table
  • a deformity of the foot characterized by an abnormally high arch and hyperextension of the toes which gives the foot the appearance of a claw
  • the name of the clawfoot tub derives from its freestanding tub design. Clawfoot tub feet are traditionally very decorative, and culminate in the shape of a claw holding a ball. In addition to the ball-and-claw style, clawfoot tubs might also feature paw-, cannonball-, and armada-style feet.
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antique oak clawfoot table - 15 Foot
15 Foot Clawfoot Shower Curtain with Magnets in Bottom
15 Foot Clawfoot Shower Curtain with Magnets in Bottom
CLAWFOOT SHOWER CURTAIN A clawfoot tub is all about the luxury of enjoying the bathing experience. This high quality shower curtain is another essential in making this experience complete. You don't have to worry about it being too small - its generously sized at 70" x 180" (that's 15 FEET!). The high-quality heavy vinyl is designed to keep the heat in and the cold air out. Softly opaque to let light in, this it can be used as a liner or a curtain. 36 stainless steel grommets across the top and seamless so water will stay inside the tub with magnets in the bottom of the curtain

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clawfoot bathtubs
clawfoot bathtubs
We already have clawfoot bathtubs, but it was fun to look around here anyways. They have some awesome vintage doors and windows too.
march09 007
march09 007
Another total basket case...lives!Antique oak with 3 leaves and 4 chairs. Claw foot.

antique oak clawfoot table
antique oak clawfoot table
Clawfoot Tub Vinyl Shower Curtain - Opaque - 180" x 70"
This large shower curtain is especially made to fit clawfoot tub and soaking/whirlpool shower enclosures and is available in opaque or clear finishes. Shower curtain rings sold separately. 100% Vinyl Color: Clear or Opaque Can be used as a liner or used alone as a shower curtain. Note: Clear curtain can be seen through. Opaque curtain is translucent. Shower curtain made to fit clawfoot tub enclosures or extra large shower rings for soaking/whirlpool tubs. Has magnets at the bottom. 34-38 ring holes (may vary from curtain to curtain.) See curtain rings below. Holes are reinforced with nickel grommets at top to eliminate possibility of rusting. 180" width x 70" height. Curtain is handmade. Measurements may vary ± 1". Ships in 1-2 business days.