Welcome to the video age!

posted 29 Sept 2013, 06:09 by Colin Bell   [ updated 29 Sept 2013, 06:09 ]
Solder Sucker is becoming a vblog! OK, there's only one episode right now, but after viewing the pro's like Dave Jones's eevblog, I'd really like to try my hand at it a bit more seriously. The video episodes will be embedded in the blog posts, and also indexed on the Video Episodes page. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel if video is easier for you than my writing style, although I think that the video's may make more sense if you do refer to the blog entries too - I guess my aim is to make them compliment each other. 

The intention is to video blog each activity from now with a supporting blog entry, and some of the ideas I've had include a detailed breakdown of the mechanics of my 3D printer, kit builds, design, software development for my own projects, tear downs of electronic consumer goods and tutorials for concepts and ideas that I learn along the way. 

Seeing as I have an opinion about everything which I know people love to listen to, I'll likely do some reviews too! I've been sent a function generator kit for review from my friends at JYETech already to kick this off, and I've committed to doing a video build with commentary, along with a functional review. I must apologize to them for the wait, I've had no time to do this in the last two months and now have another month of travel coming up, so this one is delayed until November now - sorry guys, it will come I promise! After mid November, my travel drops to virtually zero until the end of Q1 next year, so I'll have plenty of time to do this and lots more.

I'm also going to try and sign up with some of the industry distributors to get on their evaluation programmes, which I hope will give me a lot of material going forward. If you are such a distributor, please drop me a mail and let me know your programme details.

I'd really love to hear from you if you have any ideas on things to do with the blog to make it more interesting, informative or fun - I don't have a forum set-up as yet, although I hope to have in the next few days, so in the meantime please drop me a mail if you want to contribute with ideas.