posted 29 Sept 2013, 08:03 by Colin Bell   [ updated 29 Sept 2013, 08:03 ]
So I just registered as a domain! Hopefully this will go live in the next day or so. I've done this to give easier an domain address which will forward to the existing Google sites address for the time being. I should also be able to have a more sensible email address, rather than using generic Gmail.

Long term, this blog will move to its own server along with a hosted forum, so securing the name now seemed like the thing to do. Unfortunately, is already in use - well, being annoyingly held by who are a domain registrar company - I couldn't be bothered to contact them to find out why, so I left the blog moniker on for my domain.

People keep asking me where the name comes from - so, for the record: Its a play on words - I enjoy and do a lot of soldering , and I'm a sucker for anything electronic - that's it! The fact that it also describes a tool (which I use of course) is a coincidence - hence the play on words :)

It's actually quite difficult to find a name that hasn't already been used, and is still relevant to the intended content, so I'm going to stick with this one for the foreseeable future.