Hanna model - I continue to be amazed by the capabilities of the Printrbot

posted 16 Nov 2014, 06:11 by Colin Bell   [ updated 1 Dec 2014, 11:17 ]

So my previous 0.1mm model looked good...so the only thing to do was find a way to push the Printrbot even harder, and drop the vertical resolution down even further to 0.05mm (that's just 50 microns of layer height folks!). I honestly thought that the printer would just choke at this, but as can be seen here, apart from taking ages to print, it handled it flawlessly. The resulting model feels very smooth and ridging is virtually non-existent.

The model shown here isn't completely cleaned as yet, I just pulled it off the bed and broke away the support material - some very careful sanding is going to be required to get the best out of this model which I haven't had time to complete as yet.

For some reason she ended up with a hole in the top of her head - I think I may have forgotten to change the Slic3r parameter for top solid layer. 

The model was quite interesting looking even with support on it - made it look a bit Sci-Fi I thought!

YouTube Video