Blog update

posted 27 Nov 2014, 09:59 by Colin Bell   [ updated 1 Dec 2014, 11:40 ]

This blog is getting a bit annoying to manage in terms of having the separate sections for blog entries and gallery - the two sections seem to be becoming one as my interests change and I focus on different things. A lot of my recent gallery entries have technical detail, and I think that expanding on them a bit more would make a more rounded blog roll - with lots of pictures! I think that I will migrate the gallery into the blog section so that there is just one stream for me to maintain, which I hope will make the site easier to navigate too.

I'll leave the project sections as they are - I would like to have some separation for bigger or highly focussed activities. Watching the traffic on these is also a good indicator of what others in the community are finding interesting, so will keep me focussed too.

Update: I've copied the last couple of months posts from the gallery to here in the blog section. I copied rather than moved in case anybody is linking to the original posts - unfortunatley Google sites doesn't allow smart moving of pages to retain URLs, at least not that I can find. From now on, all new posts will appear here.