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Part 04 - Z-Axis

First job on the Z Axis is to assemble the motor/rod couplings. 

The couplings work by gripping the output shaft of the motor, which is covered in a silicone sheath, and then inserted into the wider aperture of the motor housing. This appears to hold fairly firmly once the bolts are tightened. One of mine slipped down before I tightened it, and I somehow didn't notice - I'll need to redo that before commissioning. The threaded M3 rod screws into the bottom aperture, and butts up against the bottom of the motor shaft within the coupling.

One mistake I made, was to remove the threaded rods from the X axis assembly prior to sliding it down over the smooth Z rods during installation. This meant that I needed to thread the rods back in through the X restraining bolts at an odd angle, which made life difficult. In the end, removed the X assembly again, and re-threaded the rods into the X axis before trying again.

This series of pictures show the X axis installed from various angles. It's actually starting to look like a RepRap now!