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The old transparent whistle test

posted 22 Aug 2012, 11:38 by Colin Bell

So I jealously looked at Carl's first printed objects and decided if his machine could do it, so could mine!

I wanted to try a different material to the Faberdashery Galaxy Blue, and had some Crystal Clear I hadn't tried yet, so thought I'd give it a bash to see if it worked better than the blue. I had to play with heated bed settings a bit, and found that the Crystal Clear likes a first layer or two at 95c, and 80c thereon. 

The whistle (here) printed very nicely, and didn't require much clean-up at all - in fact the only thing I really did was to jam a screwdriver in the slot to free the pea, and lightly sand the mouthpiece - I'm still getting some stringing (or boogers in some circles) as my print head changes direction - I've managed to reduce these with a combination of the Comb plugin for Skeinforge, and retraction settings, but I'm still fine tuning.

Most importantly though, the whistle works very well, and is very loud. The only issue is that you need Olympic lungs to get it going, but it's guaranteed to wake the neighbours!

On the Faberdashery Crystal Clear, I'm quite pleased with the results - it sticks well and hasn't clogged up the hot end or extruider like the Galaxy Blue did, but its still a bit early to make a proper judgement.