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Printrbot Power Switch Panel

posted 14 Nov 2014, 15:12 by Colin Bell


So one of the things that annoyed me about my Printrbot was the lack of a power switch on the unit, meaning I needed to keep the
external PSU on the desk in order to yank out the power cord in case I needed an emergency stop. Pulling the female connector out
of the side of the printer was problematic if it was running, as its located under the print platform, which is obviously moving most
of the time. I didn't like the thought of pulling the cable to power down if I couldn't get my hand under the platform, so the only
solution was a power switch. Fortunately the wiring on the Printrbot is as simple as on most 3D printers, so hacking in an illuminated
rocker switch was no problem at all. The only question was how to mount it - if only I could create boxes and enclosures...hmm isn't
that why I got into 3D printing in the first place?

I've been playing with 123D Design, a great free CAD package aimed as noob 3D print designers like myself, and I found that it was 
extremely simple to design a basic enclosure which fitted perfectly, met the design aesthetics of the PB, and printed fast. Of course I 

The panel is designed to fit in with the Printrbot aesthetics, and the switch cut-out is sized to fit a basic illuminated rocker switch 

I'll put a blog post up about the wiring in case anybody wants to do the same. 

If you're wondering about the slot on the top...it's there to house the small Delrin spacer supplied with the Printrbot kit - I use it 
to smooth down tape on the build platform and was always losing it!