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Phone Nightstand

posted 1 Nov 2012, 10:25 by Colin Bell
Since  changing my phone from my trusty Android Nexus One to a new corporate phone, I've lost the use of the dock/nightstand which came with it, as I donated that along with the device to my son. I use my phone as an alarm clock and have a nice app installed to gently wake me up with some AC/DC in the morning. This is fine with the phone laying flat, but when the music starts up, it was vibrating itself off the bedside table - not good. Also, I like to use the phone  as a night clock - which I couldn't do with the device laying flat - involves moving to pick up the phone you see, and that's against my religion.

So I looked on Thingiverse, and came up with a number of different designs - as I didn't want a dedicate one for any particular device, I chose this e-stand, which allows portrait and landscape orientations. Landscape is important as my current device has a bottom facing charging port. 

This print object was done at 0.4mm layer height, with three shells and a 25% infill printed at 195c hot-end and 95c bed temperature. This makes for a rock solid object.  The material is Faberdashery Globug Yellow - which is a more creamy colour than yellow in normal light. It's big sell though is that it glows in the dark - handy for when I'm stumbling about at night trying to plug the phone on charge without waking my fiancee. I finished the object off with some rubber bumper strips to keep it from sliding around when I mounted or grabbed the phone - works very well.

The shot below shows it in complete darkness - it's pretty visible! The glow effect does wear off after three or four hours, but thats fine. It only appears to need about 5 minutes or so to charge up the chemical which glows (Phosphorus?) . I guess if you need more than that you need to look for something radioactive which Faberdashery don't seem to sell. Can't think why.