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First commission! Raspberry Pi case

posted 22 Sept 2012, 12:17 by Colin Bell

So words got around that the mad English guy's tinkering might actually be worth looking into now....so I got my first commission, a request for a Raspberry Pi case. I thought this would be a great medium complexity object to stress test the new extruder assembly on the Huxley, along with my extended calibration efforts in general, so off we go!

The requester of this object had made his Pi Crust (see what i did there?) selection from Thingiverse, and went for the derivative by Fest. He also requested that the case was printed in transparent PLA, which I think was a good choice as the Pi has some small LED status lights on it, which would be a bit tricky to view on a matt or solid finish case.

The Pi itself dropped straight into the bottom part of the case with no modification at all. In order to snap the top part on though, some minor sanding was required on the corner tabs, and around the ethernet/USB port holes. As the case was sitting fairly well, I decided to leave as is, and let the owner do any last filing required to his satisfaction. 

My biggest surprise and pleasure with this object, was that it came out within less than 0.5mm on all measurements when compared against the SCAD measurements - this I think is a pretty good indicator that my Huxley is getting pretty accurate - result!