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A parliament of Yodas

posted 5 Aug 2012, 04:24 by Colin Bell   [ updated 10 Aug 2012, 10:40 ]

Here's my first attempt at Yoda - Lite from the Thingiverse model by faberdasher. I'd only just finished squaring the Huxley's axis' but hadn't calibrated the e-steps per mm settings as yet, which is why he looks a bit rough. I just found out that I was extruding about 20% too much plastic, which has now been fixed. Also, during the print  I ran out of filament half way through his head being printed, which is why he has a blob over his right eye - lesson learned is that I need to raise the print head away from the model whilst changing filament - kind of obvious really, but lesson learned all the same.

I'm not sure that three models make up a parliament, but I also don't really know what a collection of Yoda's are called either...

As I'm running low on filament, I decided to scale the model down to 50% in Slic3r for further calibration prints. The big model takes around 20m of filament, and the smaller ones just under 10m. On this image, the left-most model is a Skienforge slice with the axis properly square, and the extruder calibrated. The big guy in the middle is the one from the previous photos at full size, and the right most one is a Slic3r experiment.

All the models get progressively better detail, which isn't very apparent in this picture, but they all share the same issues - the ears have holes and stringing, and my Huxley is still having issues printing smooth domes, resulting in poor Yoda's brain being exposed. I'm not sure how to combat these problems yet, however the two small prints benefited from a desk fan pointed at them while they built, which seemed to help quite a lot. I've got a couple of 120mm fans for the Y axis, and a couple of 40mm fans for the X axis which I'm hoping will improve things even more, particularly when I upgrade from the firmware Sprinter to Marlin and implement fan control. If anybody has any suggestions on how to improve these issues, please let me know!