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2nd Commission...another Pi Crust!

posted 30 Sept 2012, 05:02 by Colin Bell

I'm detecting a theme here....after the success of the first case, another colleague has requested a Pi Case. He had slightly different requirements, and needed a vesa mountable case, so that his Pi could be attached to the back of the TV.

He wasn't bothered about the colour or the case, so I thought I'd try some Faberdashery Robot silver. Again, this is a high quality PLA, which looks fantasic.

The STL was too large for my Huxley's little 140x140mm bed, so I printed in two parts. For the first print, the bottom of the case, I printed at 195c, with the bed at 60c which are the stock test temperatures for new PLA.

Being a large object, the corners and vesa mounts of the case started to curl up during the print, due to the higher layers cooling faster than the bottom, and the resulting contraction causing the bottom layers to be pulled up from the bed.

The curling wasn't too bad though, so I decided to let it run.

Check out my mad brindging skills! Well, I was impressed as I didn't have a fan on the print....

I increased the bed temperature to 95c for the top of the case, which seems to be about right for this material.

This top section is clearly much more symmetrical as seen is the following pictures, and there is no evidence of curling.

You can still see a ridge in the top part - this is because I decided to print from USB rather than SD card...noise on the FTDI channel builds up to a point where on a long print it causes the motors to skip, and the result is the 0.5mm shift in the print that is evident at the top of the case. I must remember to stop doing that. I must remember to stop doing that. I must remember to stop doing that. There.

As the case snapped together nicely(ish...after some filing) I thought I'd see what my friend said about the faults, rather than blow another 25m of filament for something that would spend it's life bolted to the back of a TV out of sight. As it happens, he was of the same opinion as me, so it went to him as shown. Now that I know what mistakes I made, I should be able to churn these out at a much higher quality in this material in future.