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Welcome to Over the Edge Adventures Bungee Jumping! 

 If you've just stopped by out of curiosity because you want to jump,or if your just kicking the idea around in your head and  you're not quite sure if this  is something you could really go through with, or if you've got your mind -ready and set to go -to make your first jump or your 100th jump.Then you've come to the right place! Especially if you live in the Eastern part of the U.S.If you've done any serious searching around on the internet or otherwise, looking for a place to jump.Than You are sure to have found that there are many bungee Companies to choose from-Just not in the Eastern part of the Country. Especially where we do our jumps- in Ohio,  Pennsylvania , West Virginia, Kentucky  ,or Tennessee. Or even anywhere near there. There simply is no other "Real" Bungee Jumping Co. Anywhere close at all to this region of the Country. 

  Now when I say "real" Bungee Co. What I mean is that usually every summer and fall all around the country at various County and sometimes State fairs. You will find amateur bungee Co.s Selling jumps from Small Cranes, rarely even 100 ft high. None of these types of operators still in existence are what I would consider even remotely professionals. With very little, if any professional Bungee Jumping  training. The majority of the injuries and deaths in the U.S. Happened at these types of jumpsites ran by these type of fly by night operators.

If you jump with us you can put those worries out of your mind.

With twenty years of experience I can assure you that you are in very safe, capable hands.  

To learn about our Company's long history with bungee jumping and about my personal experience with the sport, as well as Pics and info on our various bridge locations-state by state, and to learn what you need to do to do to schedule a jump date...keep on reading!!

   Thanks for stopping by....I hope you find what you're looking for.

                         Jesse Anderson


   This is a link to my new web page I'm building eventually this entire site will be moved here and it will have a "regular" domain name that I'm going to be acquiring soon. please check it out and let me know what you think - Jesse. A                                 

      Also watch this video below, it's a VERY good Bungee Jumping Commercial, that was made by my friend John Kockelman & his brother Pete. Enjoy!! 

                   This is the notorious, controversial Reebok Pump Bungee Jumping
         Commercial: made in 1991, by John and Pete Kockelman of Bungee Adventures!!
           the commercial only ran a very limited number of times before it was
         banned from TV- It's Sad really- the best commercial ever made and it was
 forced off of the air because of a bunch of whining mothers who were concerned their kids would try to imitate it by jumping out of their window or off their porches- Stupid really- I bet they kept letting them watch violent movies and TV shows, showing            dramatized murders and violence.- Makes no sense to me. -- J.A.    







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