Thank yous

I'd like to thank everyone who helped me on my journey. I realise that may not be possible, and that many of these people will never read this, but I feel it's important for me to acknowledge their contribution to my effort.

So, in (probably) chronological order:
Simon, for getting on his bike; Martin Clarke, for food, drink and positive advice; the girls at Tintern Old Station, for their fab Full Welsh; Esther and Lucy, for letting me stay and making a proper fuss of me; Anne and David in Fishguard, for drying me out; Jim from Mayo, for the beers; Lawrence and Hilarie, for their top notch travellers rest-and-repair service; the PCSO in Bangor, for scraping me up and pointing me in the direction of the bike shop; Paul, the Wirral's Sustrans ranger, for the guided tour; Dave from Paisley, for being a top riding buddy and supplier of a replacement helmet; Brian, for his editorial contributions and for the Islay riding with Jez, Megan and Co.  and for generally being a top bloke; The Norwegians, because they showed me just how far you could get with no plan and a comedy map and still have fun; Chris Goodier for his emergency spanner work; Round-Britain Andrew (I owe him a pint!); Simon de Montreal, for his infectious positivity, dazzling smile and the much needed 2up against the wind; Daz, for just getting on with it, and Wilma, for the kind lift.

Kind morale-boosting messages, emails and occasional phone conversations with Mel, Steve, Est, Bickford, Tia, Jon, Mum, Ewan + Claire, Jen, Dave Williamson of Bikegoo and Katherine Macklin of Beating Bowel Cancer were also a great help to me on those days when things weren't going my way, and made me smile on days when the weather was fine and the miles just slid by...

I'd like to thank all those who made a financial contribution to my charity. Their names are recorded on my Justgiving page, and their generosity has, at times, moved me. If you're reading this, you're probably one of them. If not, you have no excuse not to follow the link and add your name to that list. Go on, do it now.

I'd also be shunned and chastised, and rightly so, if I forgot to thank webmonster Rob, for letting you read this and see the piccies, Dave Triff for helpful text messages and for being expedition doctor, Glen and Lucy at Pedal Power for technical support and the very kind gift of Assos chamois cream and, of course Jacqui, for being 'Mission Control'.