Smashing people who've kindly offered to help me complete my trip or raise more money. 

Please be nice to them for me! 

Bikegoo are a new company selling the very best bike care products, from lubrication and cleaners to tools and workstands. They take their environmental responsibilities seriously, and stock a range of bidegradable lubricants and cleaners, helping you to be kind to the environment even when you're not riding your bike.

Oh, and they're also very nice people.

Bikegoo have offered to donate to my charity 5% of any purchases made when clicking through from here so, please, help them to help you and help me, and go buy something from them now!


 I'd also like to thank Glen and Lucy at Pedal Power in Loughborough for their generosity and support, having supplied my panniers, rack, handlebar bag and computer at a serious discount, and sorted out my dying front brake. Without them, this trip would be a lot more difficult. You can visit their website from the link - above - or, better still, visit the shop and see what they can do for you.

I don't want to single out individuals for public praise in the light of their contributions, as I feel that everyone who has donated money to my collection has given as much as they feel they can afford, but I've been pleasantly staggered by the generosity displayed. Every pound raised will go to a very worthwhile cause, and no one contribution is more important than another. Thank you all for your efforts, and - please - keep on nagging friends, family and colleagues to make their donations too. Don't make me come round with the rattly collecting bucket after I've ridden all that way!

Ok, so I AM going to single out people for personal thank-yous...

Julie who cuts my hair at Ashby Square Barber Shop asked me not to pay for my pre-ride No.1, but to donate the money to my charity instead. Julie, consider it done, and I'll donate the tip as well!