Fine words butter no parsnips, it's true, but isn't it nice to have support and encouragement from your friends, family and colleagues (and, for that matter, total strangers too)? 

Please write nice things for me to read while I'm away from home for 2 months. Go on, I'd do the same for you... 

Oh, and you can also pledge gifts of beer, pies and chocolate for when I finish the ride. For all of my efforts, it's the only thing I'm scrounging for myself. I'll be very thirsty and hungry...

Feel free to send me messages of support to  and I will add them onto this page

Oh look, I've had a message already. How cool is that? 


Hi Nick!

Let me be the first to give you my support and congratulate you on getting this website up and running.

Good luck in all your training - every puff and every pant is worth it, so to speak!

The force is strong in you.

Love Jx


 Nick, you are a crazy man! (But in a fun way). Good luck with all the training and fighting through the pain (and if you start to struggle just remember the guy we met in Wales last year!)

All the best buddy

Rob and Laurie


I hope the wind helps your speed, the sun lifts your spirits and that you find friendship and kindness at every stop.

If you pass through our neck of the woods you’re welcome to a spare bed. Good luck. Laurs, John and ‘ickle Sam



I was meaning to text you to say good luck on earlier this week but Jacqui's just send me this email address so nows a good time!

I have been thinking about how you're getting on - hope it's going well so far. I saw a cyclist yesterday in Loughborough who looked rather pro and wondered how you were getting on. I'm quite glad it wasn't you actually because either you had terrible geography and I would have had to stop you to tell you that you 'may' have taken a wrong turn. or you wouldn have been missing Jacqui, Pork Pies and the Swan in the Rushes that much that you were on auto pilot and cycled home.

Well I'm rambling now but hope its going well mate, we're all thinking of you and still admiring what a great thing you're doing.

One last thing, if the going gets really tough my son, stop at the nearest shop and get yourself a lolly!


P.s I've just booked you some good weather for next week so hope you get it!


Just thought I'd drop you a message to say that you're doing a fantastic thing and you should be so proud!  Mel xx


Hi Nick -  just a little message of support and hello - I can't even cycle 5 miles, so I'm very impressed. I hope the trip is going well and that you are enjoying it. I'm rather close to the cause, having lost both my Nan and my lovely Auntie Di to bowel cancer. Di was only in her late 50's, a keen walker and cyclist, and should have had many more years to enjoy her life. So - good luck - and I'm looking forward to seeing all the photos. 
Lots of love
Katie and Jon and Kier (who is waiting for you to come and play football with him) and Cleo (who's fed up of being in goal)


Having “bumped” into you today after your hearty breakfast at Tintern Station we hope you managed to make the long climb out of Tintern to Chepstow.  Our ride is now over but yours has many more miles to go.  We hope you make your targets of reaching Jo’G and £3200 for such a good cause.

Best of luck

John and Norman


hope you like this poem by the 'daddy' of Welsh Poetry, to help you on your weary way through my homeland,
esther x

'There is no time on this island.
The swinging pendulum of the tide
has no clock; the events
are dateless. These people are not
late or soon; they are just
here, with only the one question
to ask, which life answers
by being in them. It is I
who ask. Was the pilgrimage
I made to come to my own
self, to learn that, in times
like these, and for one like me,
God will never be plain and
out there, but dark rather, and
inexplicable, as though he were in here?"

"Pilgrimages" by R. S. Thomas


Hiya Crazy Bicycle Man!
Hope you're good. Once you're finished we'll have to have you round for a party and lots of foods.
We're doing our best to support you (albeit in a lazy way, since we're sitting behind our computers' screens!) by letting the whole world know what crazy antics you're up to this time!
Personally, I am proofreading your website and pestering Mr Rob about the layout. See what a friend I am taking on such a difficult task!
Take care mate.


Hi Nick,
Your doing a sterling job matey and your informative and humorous blog is keeping me going through some very tough days at work (while I am sat at my desk watching my waistline expand). Your photos are great, especially the one of Rhosneigr Beach, what a corker. Enjoy the freedom!
Take care and good luck for the next two thirds of your adventure.
Lee & Caroline


Dear sir,

On behalf of the President of the  Integrated Upper Ordovician graptolite–chitinozoan biostratigraphical society of south west wales (IUOGCBSSWW) I wish to dispute your claim made on the thirteenth day of your blog in this year 2008 that the distance between Fishguard and Cardigan is, in fact, 'no distance at all',

could it have been perhaps that you were too ingrossed in you 'tea drinking' with people from ENGLAND, or your 'huffing and puffing up the mountains ' (we dont have hills in wales) to notice the 27.59 miles of the graptolite-bearing Caradoc–Ashgill successions that lay before you? I would happily pass your humble apology directly to the President  should you wish to issue one and, in the meantime, on behalf of the IUOGCBSSWW I wish you well on your journey, 


Professor Climacograptus antiquus

Hi Nick - How's the bottom?
Still thinking of you on your trip and wishing you the best
Take care