A Diary of Disaster, 31 Ontario St, Cohoes NY 12047

63 days living in a work zone of broken promises. Actually, you can't really call it a work zone, since there is no work being done. It has been over 4 weeks now since the last workers left the site. A large reeking dumpster greets you as you approach the back door. You step in and walk across a bed of broken glass, covering the the crumbing concrete beneath. It is hard to remember when the window was broken. I think it was before the drywall people left, weeks earlier. Their buckets of joint compound and a stack of sheet rock are visible. It almost looks like they they could have just paused for lunch. Tools are piled in a corner and a shop vac is waiting for the job to be done. It is easy to see how the agents renting this place could convince new tenants "Oh yeah, this place is gonna be nice, they are working on it every day....."

The truth:

1. No one has been working on the building.
2. No one has been supervising the building.
3. The building is not secure.
4. The building is not up to code.
5. The owners have no legal right to collect rent on this property.

I have decided to keep track of the progress on the building by means of a photo journal. Maybe this is to protect myself. Maybe this is to warn others. Maybe I have just had enough of being taken advantage of.

Monday August 6. 2012

Did they sell you on the bat problem???? Our neighbors have had 6 in their unit already. 3 other people reported having bats in theirs as well. Oh and the wasps coming out of the walls.....

Our beautiful lobby. Next week I'll get a close up of the glass littering the floor.

I love it when guests get to come visit. If they are not sure what building we are, I just describe it by the graffiti written on the walls.

I should have turned off the flash, so you could see the darkness in the hallways.....next week.

Ahhh, our front entrance/mail room....3 weeks our mail boxes have sat like this.

One of the hundreds of wonderful cigarette butts lining our hallways.

So this is where they told us our trash was supposed to go........

Its good to see the sprinklers are turned off in the vacant  units. We would not want all their crap to get wet if a fire started.

I wonder if all the exposed terminals on that electrical panel would hurt me....

Don't shut the main door, because you will lock everyone out.

Don't wave your hands in the hallway if your near this one. Oh yes, its live.

Ahh, I love walking past this everyday on the way to my apartment.