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Namida Café : 涙の学校/School of Tears


Dear friends and costumers,

I would love to invite you to our NAMIDA CAFÈ in Tokyo on the 16th, October 11.
NAMIDA CAFÈ is a place of open meetings and discussions on nuclear power and alternative energies in Japan and abroad.
Please come and join us and do not forget to bring some friends along.
It would be nice to see you there!


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Namida Café : 涙の学校/School of Tears

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Date and time: 19:00-22:00 / 16th of October, 2011

Venue: mother kurkku, 2-18-15 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo (http://www.kurkku.jp/mother/)

Participation fee: ¥1500 (includes 1 drink and delicious finger-food)

Hosted by: Namida Project, in kind cooperation with mother kurkku

Concept: Why a School of Tears?

Not only was TEPCO and the government shockingly unprepared for the events of 3.11, the nuclear crisis has revealed just how little the citizens of Japan had learned about an energy source that until 3.11 provided 30% of the nation’s energy needs.

For the 66 years following the end of WWII, school texts published and censored by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) have mostly neglected to teach about the nuclear energy. Not its potential health and environmental impacts. Not safety procedures. Nor the deep ties between politics and industry. When schools taught its history, the never engaged students in a though-provoking discussion.

As an alternative, our next Namida Café, what we are calling the 涙の学校 / School of Tears is a place of “open learning” to have a real dialogue about nuclear power, an alternative energy future, and livable communities. As part of this, we have invited ”guest teachers” who span several generations, to help us think, learn and talk about what have been the politics of nuclear power, how 3.11 has changed the lives of evacuees and what it all means to the younger members of society, today and for their futures.

We hope you will have time to join us and together we’ll find the words and wisdom to change tears of sadness to tears of joy.

Guest teachers: (Session themes are tentative)

◎   Naoya Okamoto, Kanta Yonehara, Masaaki Yamamoto, Shiori Sekiguchi -- 4 young hunger strikers who lived on salt and water for 10 days in front the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / 19~22 years old.
Theme:“A plea for our future”  

◎   Yoshihiko Hogyoku / Poet / farmer from Minami-Souma city, Fukushima (Presently evacuated from inside TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant’s 20km exclusion zone / 35 years old
Theme: “Minami-Souma ~ its landscape, its silence”

◎   Kenichi Makimura / Music producer/ Showa University Lecturer (History of Popular Music) / 64 years old
Theme: “Youth once battled: Language and music in social unrest from the 1970s to the present”

◎   Chris Mosdell / Famed Lyricist/ Poet / Artist /
Theme: Chris will perform his epic poem “Shake the Whole World to its Foundations,”  updated for this occasion. Chris has written lyrics for such artists as Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton, Sarah Brightman, Ryuichi Sakamoto YMO. 

* Rie Terada will join for this bilingual reading. She has translated many of Chris's works

Namida Project

mother kurkku

Hunger strikers

Yoshihiko Hogryoku



Kenichi Makikura

Chris Mosdell


Namida Café Ⅱ~涙の学校/ School of Tears

開催日時: 10月16日(日)/ 19:00-22:00/ 16th of October
会場: mother kurkku(マザークルック)/ 東京都渋谷区神宮前2-18-15
※ JR原宿駅/ 地下鉄明治神宮前駅より徒歩10分(駐車場はございません)
¥1500-(1drink及び特製フィンガーフード付/ with 1 drink and delicious finger-food)
※ ご予約の必要はございませんが、満員となる場合もございます。ご了承ください。
企画制作: Namida Project
協力: mother kurkku


~Namida Café Ⅱ~涙の学校とは?~
◎「経済産業省前 塩と水で考える将来のためのハンガーストライキ」メンバー(19~22歳)
メンバー:岡本直也/ 山本雅昭/ 米原幹太/ 関口詩織
◎ 寶玉義彦(ほうぎょく・よしひこ/ Yoshihiko Hogyoku) (35歳)
詩人/ 農業/ 福島県南相馬市(東京電力福島第一原子力発電所20㎞圏内より退避中)
◎  牧村憲一(まきむら・けんいち/ Ken-ichi Makimura) (64歳)
音楽プロデューサー/ 昭和音楽大学講師
◎  Chris Mosdell(クリス・モズデル)
詩人/ 作詞家/ 作家
  ◆オリジナル詩の朗読 『Shake the Whole World to its Foundations』(今回のために改稿)
※ Rie Teradaとの英日2か国語での朗読です。
 (出演順/ 未定/ 10月7日段階) 『涙プロジェクト』メンバー、そしてゲスト講師の方々は、たくさんのみなさまのご参加を心からお待ちしております。お友達、ご家族、想いを同じくする方々もお運びいただけますと幸いです。
◆ 地図の原宿ユナイテッドアロウズの近くです。
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tokyo | saturday, 23rd & sunday, 24th July

My dear friends !
I want to invite you to our event < NAMiDA PROJECT CAFE > in KYODO tomorrow. Please bring your family and friends. Me, myself will be there from 7pm.
Hope to see you all ___edwina for NAMiDA PROJECT 
Please join us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/namidaproject

More information - please read here:
Namida Project will hold its first event at the Kyodo Festival (http://www.nodaistreet.com/). We are calling it the "Namida Cafe". The location is at kyodo 5-29-20. Here we will be taking orders for charity t-shirts with the Namida logo. We'll also be collecting signatures for two petitions. One is from the "Goodbye Nuclear Energy" action group (http://sayonara-nukes.org/) and the other is from the "Koganei Committee for the protection of the Children's Future" (http://twitter.com/#!/koganeikodomira).
At the "cafe", you can also watch a slide-show with pictures of Tohoku by a professional photographer, write a message to the people of Tohoku, listen to a children's story and find out more about the Namida project. There might also be a musician dropping by. So if you have time, please come and support our effort. Even get involved.

Namida ProjectメンバーのNon-Japanese Residentsたちと、みなさんをつなげるイベントです。
ここでは、収益の全額を被災地支援金にするための『Namida Tシャツ』を販売します。
『さようなら原発~1000万人アクション』 http://sayonara-nukes.org/
『子どもと未来を守る小金井会議』 http://twitter.com/#!/koganeikodomira
小田急線経堂駅より農大通りを歩いて5分/ 経堂駅入口交差点近く
Copyright © 2011 Edwina Hoerl, All rights reserved. 
You are receiving this email because you asked to be sent special EDWINA HOERL news. 
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Edwina Hoerl
5-39-8-302 Yoyogi / Shibuya-ku
TokyoTokyo 151-0053

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Dear Friends!
I would like to invite you to our event on Sunday 22nd:

18:00 lecture :  
Professor of Economics 
Keio University 
"日本経済復興まで:Until a Japanese economy recovery "

 & LEO PELLEGATTA / sound poetries and images
KANDA TOMOKO (from World Standard) / vocal and accordion  
JAMES / pantomime 

Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd the exhibition will be opened from 12:00 noon. 
Please find the schedule below.
Please bring all your friends along!
It would be a pleasure to meet you there!

Take care / Edwina & Team


The power of nature has taken many dear lives. Our hearts go out to all those who have lost  loved ones and to those who continue to suffer hardship. 
The Tohoku region is home to many sewing businesses, whose experts help supply our daily clothing needs. 
With them in mind, it's our hope that our creations can be in some small way an inspiration for renewal of Tohoku and of Japan.

EXHIBITION   涙  autumn winter
2011/05/21 SAT   12:00-20:00 
2011/05/22 SUN  12:00-23:00 
Professor of Economics 
Keio University ) / lecture
19:00 WILLIAM TOKUHISA & LEO PELLEGATTA/ sound poetries and images 
KANDA TOMOKO (from World Standard) / vocal and accordion   
JAMES / pantomime 

SO+BA / 5-29-20 KYODO 
 SETAGAYA-KU, TOKYO 156 0052  
場所 SO+BA 
156-0052 東京都世田谷区経堂 5-29-20 
CONTACT 090-9645-6039 

Edwina Hoerl

5-39-8-302 Yoyogi / Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 151-0053 / Japan

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