Tom & Mary Lou Ellison
Welcome to our site.

We are somewhat bemused to be creating this site at the point of retirement.  But, our intent is to make a place where we can continue to communicate with those of you who have followed and supported our work in Japan during our thirty years there.  We thank you for your interest, and acknowledge that we were able to fulfill our calling because you prayed for, gave to, and stood with us in our work in Japan.  In the next few months we hope to have the opportunity to visit as many of you as possible who have had a part in our ministry in Japan over the last 30 years and thank you in person.  In an effort to expedite that, you will find a place here where you can schedule a time when we could come to your church or group to share a report of the things God has done and continues to do in the places He gave us to work.  So please push the “schedule” tab at the top of this page to do so.

We also have a recap of our years of ministry, some musings of what we learned along the way, and an introduction to a ministry that we are hoping to continue post-retirement from the field.

Thank you for all your years of faithfulness and we look forward to hearing from many of you and visiting you.