Krack Refrigeration Equipment

krack refrigeration equipment
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Early Photo Equipment - from Royce's "Way-back" history
Early Photo Equipment - from Royce's "Way-back" history
My early photo equipment. Top: Taken from my first brochure in March 1976. Bottom: Taken from my second brochure/calendar in January 1977. Click on image to enlarge it. In my first year of freelance business (1976), virtually all my jobs were on location -- I had no studio. I had a 1975 Volkswagon bus, two Olympus OM-1 cameras (35mm with several lenses), a Mamyia RB67 camera (6x7cm and 3 lenses by the middle of the year), and some hot lights (the quartz lights in the photo). We had borrowed $5,000 that first year, but it was not enough. I would take on jobs throughout that year and find out I needed another lens or other piece of equipment to complete the job. I often ended the job with little or no profit, because most of it went to the purchase of a particular piece of new equipment! In the second year we borrowed another $14,000 -- much of it to purchase studio strobe lighting equipment (Norman P2000 series). The Toyo 4x5 view camera was actually purchased during the previous year -- one of those jobs (an architectural job in two states) where most of the profits went again to a new piece of equipment :) Lessons learned: It always takes more money to start a business than you think. Over the years, I've confirmed this fact with many others, in different professions. I planned and saved for one year before starting my freelance business. I should have held onto my regular job (working as a magazine photographer for a large corporation) for a few more years, and did freelance work in the evening and on weekends -- before taking the plunge to full-time freelance. Without that preparation, those first two years were a real struggle. I did learn a tremendous amount, but the stress was pretty intense at times for both me and my young family! Royce's Photo History (a tutorial): This image is part of a new series I call, "Royce's Way-Back Photos". It's a 40-year review of my professional photography career. I hope you'll come along for the ride. I'll try to share at least one "way-back" image every other day (intermixed with my more current photos). Each image is a milestone in my career and most have an associated lesson or tip that may enrich your life as it has mine. This series will soon become a SET. You'll also be able to find this collection via the tag "royceswaybackphotos".
Wedding - Equipment
Wedding - Equipment
So this is most of the equipment my assistant Lauren and I used at a wedding we shot last weekend. There was a Canon 20D equipped with Canon 50 1.8 as well. It sure is nice to be able to have friends to borrow equipment from. Thank you Jono, Jordan, Lauren, and Caitlin. I believe we had a total of 20 GB of CF cards and we had a bunch of stands and lighting stuff as well. 3000 photos and 25 GB later we had a Wedding captured. Still have a ways to go with the editing.

krack refrigeration equipment