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Cf Upright Freezer

cf upright freezer
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cf upright freezer - Danby Upright
Danby Upright Freezer, White - 8.2 Cu.ft.
Danby Upright Freezer, White - 8.2 Cu.ft.
The Danby freezer is great when you need extra freezer storage, but you haven t got much room, the compact DUF808WE can help. With 8. 2 cu. Ft. (232 litre) of storage space, this energy efficient upright model is ideal for cottages, trailers, apartments or even the office. Features a convenient reversible door hinge and 2 quick freeze shelves. 8. 2 cu. Ft (232 litre) capacity upright freezer, Energy Star rated, 2 quick freeze shelves and 3 door shelves, Manual defrost, Easy-to-program mechanical thermostat, Scratch resistant worktop is perfect for storing extra accessories, Reversible door hinge for left or right hand opening, Features a fresh white finish with integrated door handle. The freezer dimensions are 23 5/8 W x 25 11/16 D x 58 13/16 H.

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Upright Motive No. 1: Glenkiln Cross
Upright Motive No. 1:  Glenkiln Cross
Upright Motive No. 1: Glenkiln Cross Henry Moore Abstract sculpture resembling a cross with a small cross piece at the top and an incised pattern at the base. The name was assigned when the first cast was installed on the Glenkiln Farm Estate in Scotland, and the artist discovered that the piece reminded him of a Celtic cross. Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden Washington, DC
Uprights | Bridge
Uprights | Bridge
Two uprights on one of Londons many foot bridges across the River Thames. It was very difficult to frame and come out with something pleasing, this was my best attempt and with many other subjects round the corner I didnt give it too much more thought

cf upright freezer