30 inch width refrigerator. Stainless steel refrigerator magnetic. General electric refrigeration

30 Inch Width Refrigerator

30 inch width refrigerator
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30 inch width refrigerator - Marvel 30"
Marvel 30" Refrigerator Drawers, Black
Marvel 30" Refrigerator Drawers, Black
The worldOs first 30-inch wide undercounter Refrigerated Drawer provides unparalleled storage capacity and features exclusive to Marvel, including the Sentry System? refrigeration monitor. * Exclusive Sentry System? refrigeration monitor operates in real time to actively maintain optimal preservation conditions * The Sentry System? monitors critical components and provides visual and audible alarms for over/under temperature, power failure and door ajar conditions * Digital touchpad controls and LED display are discreetly located * System has built-in, user-activated Sabbath mode * Hygienic stainless steel drawer interiors are ideal for fresh food storage * Automatic low voltage LED light system provides clean, bright interior lighting * Telescoping drawer slides allow full drawer extension and easy access to all contents * Extra-deep lower drawer provides unobstructed vertical storage for two-liter and opened wine bottles * Recessed gasket eliminates unsightly gaps * Clean continuous toe kick adds a stylish finish * Drawer dividers (optional) are available to organize storage space * Exclusive E-Z Stor Storage System (optional) has a European style design used by professional chefs everywhere * Available colors: Black cabinet with black drawer fronts, white cabinet with white drawer fronts, and black cabinet with stainless steel drawer fronts. All have full width handle and toe kick to match drawer color. * Drawer fronts that accept full overlay panel and customer-supplied handle are also available with white or black cabinet. Toe kick matches cabinet color. * Full auto defrost * 30 inches wide (34OH x 29-7/8OW x 24-1/4OD) UPC: 768388035471

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Canon Powershot G11 vs. Nikon Coolpix P7000 Width Comparison
Canon Powershot G11 vs. Nikon Coolpix P7000 Width Comparison
For size comparison. True size at 98.4 PPI pixels per inch" or (or 1680X1050 resolution on a 20" screen)

30 inch width refrigerator
30 inch width refrigerator
EdgeStar 30 Bottle Built-In Wine Cooler Refrigerator
Store up to 30 standard 750 ml. wine bottles in the EdgeStar 30 Bottle Premium Built-In Single Zone Wine Cooler (CWR300SZ). A stainless steel trimmed dual paned glass door with stainless steel venting grate, wood trimmed wire shelves, towel bar handle, and blue LED light offer excellent presentation fitting flush with kitchen cabinetry. The CWR300SZ offers a temperature range from 40 - 65 degrees Fahrenheit, perfect for storing both red and white varietals. Temperature is easily controlled with electronic controls and monitored through a digital display. This premium built in wine refrigerator offers 6 slide-out shelves, including 5 shelves holding up to 5 bottles each in a "reversed racked" style and one bottle on the top shelf next to the control panel. ?Slim 15" Width: A slender 15" width that fits perfectly into small undercounter areas, perfect for replacing a space formerly filled by a trash compactor ?Built In and Freestanding Capabilities: Fan-Forced front ventilation allows flush with cabinet installation for undercounter wine storage or freestanding application ?Digital Controls: Soft touch electronic controls allow easy temperature adjustment and monitoring through digital display ?Elegant Display Features: Slide-out wood trimmed wire shelves provide elegant wine storage and access to bottles, blue LED interior lighting showcases wine, highlighting labels