30 Inch Round Wood Table

30 inch round wood table
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30 inch round wood table - Farberware 3-Piece
Farberware 3-Piece Wood Cutting Board Set
Farberware 3-Piece Wood Cutting Board Set
With grooved channels to catch juices for making sauces these three inexpensive cutting boards are ideal for carving roasts and poultry. Plus, they flip over to provide flat sides to prep vegetables or slice and serve bread. Because the set consists of a large, medium, and small board, all cutting and carving needs are satisfied. The large board measures 17-1/2 by 11-1/2", the medium is 11-1/2 by 9" and the small is 8-3/4 by 6-1/2". Hand wash recommended.

With grooved channels to catch juices for making sauces and, these three inexpensive cutting boards are ideal for carving roasts and poultry. The boards' rounded edges make them unusually attractive for serving at table. Plus, they flip over to provide flat sides to prep vegetables or slice and serve bread. Because the set consists of a large, medium, and small board, all cutting and carving needs are satisfied. The large board measures 17-1/2 by 11-1/2 inches, the medium is 11-1/2 by 9 inches, and the small is 8-3/4 by 6-1/2 inches. Made of farm-grown hardwood (no forest trees involved), the 5/8-inch-thick boards are sealed with food-grade mineral oil so they won't dry out. Wipe them clean with soapy water and dry and they will last several lifetimes. --Fred Brack

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Bitton Parish Chronicles 1759 - 1796
Bitton Parish Chronicles 1759 - 1796
News & Events Bitton Parish 1759 - 1796 - Gloucestershire 1759 24th September In Bristol the good ship Duke of Cornwall was taking on a crew for a forthcoming cruise, probably to Africa. The following local men signed on: William Lewis, Warmley - James Fuggall, Downend - John Fuggall, Downend - John Bryant, Downend - James Malpas, Warmley Samuel Sweet, Kingswood (sadly drowned, November 5th) - William Sweet, Kingswood (discharged, December 8th) John Turner, Downend - Jonathon Bishop, Winterbourne - Robert Brown, Bitton - William Lacey, Bitton (deserted) 10th October A monumental inscription at the parish church of St Mary's Bitton, and another seaman: Beneath this stone secure from Storm or Tempest rests at peace the body of Captain Samuel Alden, native of New England. He was bred in the sea service from his youth in which dangerous employment by the Providence of God he was so successful as never to meet with an accident. After a passage of life of 45 years he launched into Eternity October 10, 1757. To whose memory this Stone is erected by his truly afflicted widow Edith Alden." (Who was this New England sailor, so far from his home port? And why was he in dry dock at Bitton? Edith married again - George Williams of St James's in Bristol - but she Joined her first husband at Bitton when she died 29th November 1775 aged 55.) 1764 7th November The Bitton overseers tried again to find a new master for Solomon Chipper. There were no takers. 1765 6th March Bitton vestry gave up on Solomon Chipper; William Hook was "to send him home tomorrow with all his clothes and two shillings." Sarah Chipper (perhaps his mother?) was to be allowed "6d a week extraordinary till next month Sunday. " 1767 10th May Michael Lynes of Bitton, killed in a coalpit, was buried at Siston. 1768 1st May The Bitton Vestry was still chuntering on about illegal prospecting and on this day invited the freeholders to meet at 8 a.m. the following 8th May "to look over all intruders and inclosures on the common and also take a proper view of all gates and stiles put up by Samuel Brain at parish expense." 1st June The parish of Bitton lacked a very desirable amenity - a workhouse. People with suitable premises where the poor of the parish could be placed were invited to remit their proposals at John Seldens, the sign of the Whlte Hart. On the 9th June Thomas Burnell's house was selected. 1770 6th February Bitton Vestry demanded that John Butcher's two children "be anointed for the itch". 1771 11th June Thomas weaver, pin-maker, was to employ all the children in the Bitton Workhouse. Rates or pay were drawn up: After the first month 9d per week After 1 year 1 shilling per week After the 3rd year 1/3d per week After the 4th year 1/6d per week. 2nd July A lively meeting at Bitton Vestry. It was agreed that William Farley shall make information against John Butcher for his innocent and assaulting him to be paid at the parish expense through his behaviour at a parish meeting held the 2d of July 1770 and for his running away and leaving his family chargeable to the parish and the officer taking the said Butcher up and prosecute him aforesaid." (The poor were supposed to know their place and not answer back and definitely not swing a punch at the overseers. No reference was made to the Butcher children's itch.) 1775 The champions Milsom and Maggs were growing old and their title days were long gone. In 1714, a new star emerged, Benjamin Brain, born Bitton in 1756. Six feet four and weighing 16 stone, he was known to all as Big Ben" (the clock was named after him!). A Kingswood coalminer, he won his first battle against his fellow collier, Bob Harris. He went on to defeat Clayton the Shropshire champion. He became Champion of England in 1791. He died suddenly in 1794 when in training for a fight against Will Wood. He was said to be a mild good-looking fellow who never let a day go by without reading his Bible. 11th November Information was laid to the Bitton overseers and a postscript was added to the minutes. "Abraham Brain have lived with Sarah Mitchel and have a family that must be Bastards born as they was never married." 1776 30th November Elizabeth Stone, alias Betty Bush, John Cennick's thorn in the flesh, but now called "The Great Woman of Kingswood" was buried at Bitton. 1777 8th June The assignment of the following lease may refer to the above property: Between parties (1) G. Shusle of Bristol, stationer, (2) Thomas Smith of Kingswood, Oldland, Bitton, coalminer & (3) Francis Waters of Bitton, in respect of a house and ground in Kingswood, Oldland, Bitton. 1778 20th February The right to-vote was jealously guarded and. there were complicated rules to decide enfranchisement. Certain local men who had polled in the recent election had their votes nullified by the Gloucestershire election committee: Thomas Marsh: We
Round Table #44, Picture One
Round Table #44, Picture One
Measurements: 46 inches round, 30 inches high Must be sold with Dining chairs #43 This is a great white, round table. There is no leaf. It has beautiful legs with great detail as shown in picture two. There are rollers on the bottom of the legs. Solid wood. Great piece for a kitchen nook, a sunporch, a little girl's play corner, an office. It sells with four chairs as shown in the picture. The chairs can be seen under dining chairs, #43.

30 inch round wood table
30 inch round wood table
Wonderworld Peek-a-boo Ball
Wonderworld Peek-A-Boo Ball

Give it a roll and watch the smiles pop up. Baby will grin big as the happy-faced red, yellow and green pegs peek up and down while the ball is in motion. The constantly changing shape stimulates baby’s visually perception and encourages baby to crawl for the ball. Active play improves motor skills and builds muscle tone. This exciting, eco-friendly wooden toy is ideal for interactive play between parent and baby.

Why You’ll Love It: It’s here. It’s gone. It’s here again! Moving the Peek-a-Boo Ball in and out of sight helps baby develop a sense of object permanence.

Age: 12 months and up

Bright blue wooden baby toy with multi-colored faces
Smiling faces pop in and out when the ball is rolled
Made from eco-friendly rubber wood
Nontoxic, water-based paints