Inground Pool Heater. Space Heater Troubleshooting.

Inground Pool Heater

inground pool heater
    pool heater
  • Heater designed to heat water in a residential swimming pool (Aero Series).
  • An affordable way to heat your pool.

Pool swim with SHW Heater Done 025
Pool swim with SHW Heater Done 025
View facing East from top of roof. Three solar panels plumbed in parallel with inflow in top right corner of photo and outflow at middle left edge of photo. Both the 2x6 plank and single 2" white pipe in middle of photo are temporary while I install permenant fastening system.
Pool swim with SHW Heater Done 024
Pool swim with SHW Heater Done 024
Outflow manifold connects to return pipe with custom vacuum release valve at top. Photo facing North. Vacuum release is a 3/4" one way valve pointing against the water flow - blocks water when pressurized, allows air in to expidite draining whenever pump is turned off.

inground pool heater
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