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In Car Heaters

in car heaters
  • A fastball
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new heater valve 1
new heater valve 1
dad and i came up with this solution to the heater valve problem. i had the stock valve from the car, but it would have cost nearly $200 just for a rebuild. the capillary tube that goes under the heater core is not integral to the function of the heating system, so we decided to just do without it. the hoses hold the valve in place, so we also discarded the bracket that mounted the valve and hoses to the side of the heater box. the parts here are (hoses have been cut to fit): - FACTORY AIR 74628 - GATES 18955 - another 5/8 hose i cant find the number for. just pick one out that has a smooth 90 degree angle
Hot Car
Hot Car
This reminds me a lot of my tank's heater kicking over both in terms of heat and smoke produced. Armor crewmen will remember well... It's good to know the Air Force spares no expense on its cigarette lighters. Too bad they don't spend as much on their skydiving teams ;-) Photographer's original file name: A04_7493.JPG © All Rights Reserved : Rklawton.

in car heaters
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