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Immersion Heater Uk

immersion heater uk
    immersion heater
  • An electric heating element that is positioned in the liquid to be heated
  • a heating element that is immersed in the liquid that is to be heated (as in a hot-water tank)
  • Electric heating is any process in which electrical energy is converted to heat. Common applications include heating of buildings, cooking, and industrial processes.
  • a heating device used to maintain a constant temperature in the mash tun.
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1972 - Chitterne, Middle Barn - the flooded field
1972 - Chitterne, Middle Barn - the flooded field
We lived here from September to March, through a pretty harsh winter. No central heating, no immersion heater, just a boiler in the kitchen, and an open fire in the living room! No heating in the bedrooms except for electric fanheaters to take the chill off.... I used to get logs from the woods (few and far between!) and dry them in stages, different log piles, and saw/chop them up as appropriate - quite an art to ensure there was enough dry logs for our needs every day! We also used to have logs delivered sometimes, but we were so poor that we still needed to go out with the tractor and trailer and see what we could find! The landscape is really open, and the light is magical on a good day, even in winter. You get the feeling of being on top of the world..... This photo shows how the fields next to our house were flooded, you can see the fence in the middle of the water. We used to have tanks and squaddies all over the ranges near us, and some nitwit drove a tank into this flood (they weren't supposed to be there!) in the middle of the night, we could hear it struggling - and in the morning there was a right mess in the fields, and on the road! The nearest shop was in the village over a mile away - it was a great little shop. The guy who ran it also had a bus which he would run to Warminster and back twice a week, and he took the chidren to school in Codford. He of course was also the local taxi.... He used to pick up Debby at our door, take her to the bus, and off to school! I used to get my groceries by sending a list with the tractor driver taking the milk churns to the main farm in the village in the morning, and he picked up the box when returning after delivering the afternoon milk. I've somehow still got my notebook with those requests! We were helping with the cattle for a farmer with several farms, near here and also near Cheltenham. The cattle were kept on the ranges, all year round, with no shelter at all, fed hay etc twice a day, and kept within electrified wire fences as there are no hedges or walls. Milking was done with milking 'bails', a mobile shed with four milking 'stations' where the cows walked in and were fed a treat while they were milked. The dairyfolk were in the open too!
Lane and Sgt. Davenport
Lane and Sgt. Davenport
Lane Johnson and Sgt Davenport having a smoke break outside the mess tent in 1983 - you can see the shadow of the tent to the left of Lane. The garbage cans in the background were actually used to clean the dishes...the doodad in the can with the tall stack is an immersion heater, used to heat the water of course. You can see the gas tank hanging off the back - basically, it dripped gas down the column to the bottom of the tank and burned - there was a ring shape to the bottom, where it sat towards the bottom of the garbage can. We typically had three cans set up. Occasionally the heaters would explode, and the stack would go flying high...BOOOM!

immersion heater uk
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