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Tropical Tank Heater

tropical tank heater
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New tank
New tank
New tank, 20 gallons, with 2 fantails, 5 danios. If you ask people about mixing goldfish and tropical fish, you'll get a mixed response. Part of my reasoning had to do with the temperament (all fish keep to themselves), but mostly, the goldfish were in a room that had high temps, and they never seemed any worse off (very active, very happy). Same with the zebrafish. I do not use a heater and the tank is a constant 72 degrees, a bit cool for the danios, a bit warm for the goldfish, but I think it's a happy medium. I pay close attention to ammonia levels. Incidentally, those are all real plants and there are bulbs planted in the faux-beachsand part to the left side. That's not sand and it's not flourite, just regular ol' white gravel. All of these guys were in a 12 gallon, which was too small, and 20 is pushing it. In theory, fantails should have 10 gallons per fish, but everyone keeps to themselves. Feel free to ask questions below.
Tropical Fish, with no tank heater!
Tropical Fish, with no tank heater!
As a kid I kept tropical fish in New Zealand. If the power went off, the heater went off and if that was for too long... no fish. Not a problem in the tropics! Chau Doc to Rach Gia

tropical tank heater
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