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How To Fix A Car Heater

how to fix a car heater
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Day 40 - Punted
Day 40 - Punted
Yesterday I put down a deposit on a new car which i will pick up at the end of this week. So this signals the end of my short but eventful relationship with this Fiat Punto. There are a lot of good things about this car. Its nippy with a peppy little engine; very fuel efficient (consistantly returning 45mpg); very comfortable for a small car; it looks quite good from some angles; quite entertaining to drive (great "chuckability"); and it has loads of brilliant cubby holes on the dashboard for storing things - including a great place for my camera on the dashboard and "Kerry's desk" in front of the passenger seat. *insert Jeremy Clarkson voice-over* However... many things have gone wrong with it that, at times, I have really struggled to contain my loathing for this vehicle. * The exhaust started blowing within about a week of purchase. * Windscreen wipers have failed countless times and have been held together with one of Kerry's hair bobbles for about 6 months. * As a result, the windscreen wiper on the drivers side has dislodged itself several times (always at high speed and always in the heaviest rain). * I have spent more time tinkering under the bonnet of this car whilst on a wet hard shoulder than any other car I've ever owned (mostly to fix the wiper mechanism) * When in traffic or idling, the engine would intermittently start to rev itself. This was usually sorted by the old PC trick of rebooting the car - but it was really annoying and not a little dangerous when trying to use engine braking in the snow. * But most of all: The heater blower packed up just before Christmas. Therefore no heat transfers into the car. Do not under estimate just how much of a difference this makes... especially on a 6am start in the midst of winter. You simply cannot underestimate just how cold I have been in this car over the past couple of months. Its like a fridge with wheels - very, very unpleasent. And so, its time to say ta-ra little Punto. You could have been a good car - if only you'd been built properly. Time for something a little more.... British. Gulp!
Bit's you really don't need to see.
Bit's you really don't need to see.
The heater tube has dissolved... Not entirely sure how to fix that one. Welding upside down to Bacofoil has never been a strength of mine. Luckily it's not structural, so if I can cut out the worst of the flaky tube, make something to cover the hole and tack it in place and finish with plenty of sealer it will do. Hot air was getting to the front of the car even without the tube, so it doesn't need to be perfect. Luckily. Patching the outside is the easy bit!

how to fix a car heater
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