Best Panel Heaters

best panel heaters
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  • A thin, typically rectangular piece of wood or glass forming or set into the surface of a door, wall, or ceiling
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  • A flat board on which instruments or controls are fixed
  • sheet that forms a distinct (usually flat and rectangular) section or component of something
  • A thin piece of metal forming part of the outer shell of a vehicle

99-05 Impalas have electrical problems.ENORMIS knows how to fix!
99-05 Impalas have electrical problems.ENORMIS knows how to fix!
Owners of 99-05 Chevy Impalas and Malibus, Pontiac Grand Am and Grand prixs, and Oldsmobile Aurora and Intrigues, please be AWARE! The electrical problems in these vehicles are common and are FIXABLE. We don't beat around the bush. ENORMIS of Erie, PA can fix these problems! Oh, your car has no problems? just wait....... 1. - Ignition Switch Electrical Section 2. - Ignition Switch Passlock Section 3. - Body Control Module 4. - Power Window Regulators and Motors 5. - Stereo systems 6. - Light bulbs in the radio, steering wheel, etc 7. - Instrument Cluster (Speedometer, Fuel Gauge, Etc) 8. - Turn Signal Handle 9. - 4 way flasher switch. 10. - Heater / AC Blower Motor 11. - Blower Motor Resistor 12. - Heating / AC control Panel 13. - P0401 EGR Valve, circuit, and flow 14. - Ignition Control Module 15. - EVAP system 16. - P1189 Engine oil pressure switch snd circuit 17. - P1107 Map sensor and circuit
modifying the heater control lever
modifying the heater control lever
dad suggested i give him credit as my Engineer, or at least give his thumb credit. because the distance traveled by the switch on the new valve was a little shorter than the original valve, we had to drill a new hole in the hot/cold lever. we considered just bending the tang backwards, or making a little steel bracket that would extend the hole towards the front of the control panel. drilling a new hole proved to be the best option, because it was easiest and would cause minimal damage to the lever.

best panel heaters
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