Simple solar cooker designs - Outwell cookset.

Simple Solar Cooker Designs

simple solar cooker designs
    solar cooker
  • A device that converts the sun's energy into heat energy, which is then used to cook food.
  • A solar oven or solar cooker is a device which uses sunlight as its energy source. Because they use no fuel and they cost nothing to run, humanitarian organizations are promoting their use worldwide to help slow deforestation and desertification, caused by using wood as fuel for cooking.
  • The desert sun is not in fact hot enough to cook meat, but if it’s reflected against itself in a bowl of mirrors it can definitely heat tea and warm stew. Solar cookers are a new wave answer to the problem of cooking fuel shortages in semi-arid and deforested regions.
  • Decide upon the look and functioning of (a building, garment, or other object), typically by making a detailed drawing of it
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simple solar cooker designs - Global Sun
Global Sun Oven - Solar Cooker
Global Sun Oven - Solar Cooker
The Global Sun Oven® is the world's most widely used solar oven. Solar cooking has been around for centuries, but up to now, not many people have had the opportunity to try cooking with the sun. Using the most advanced materials, the Sun Oven takes all the hassles out of solar cooking to create the ultimate solar appliance. The sun oven can be used in the winter as well as summer. It has been used very successfully at below zero conditions at a base camp on Mt. Everest. Measures 19" x 19" with an average depth of 11". The total weight is only 21 pounds. You can bake bread, make cookies, pizza, muffins, or anything you could prepare using a conventional oven. The Global Sun Oven® lets you harness the power of the sun to cook without fuel and is currently being used in over 126 countries around the world. Sundance Solar is proud to carry this high quality solar appliance that is designed to last a lifetime.

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Solar Cooker
Solar Cooker
A student designed inexpensive solar cooker, by the students of the RWA School of Architecture, University of Bristol. The reflector is a parabola formed of small hardboard pieces, covered in Bakofoil, cut to computer generated shapes to form the double curvature. A kettle is ghosted into the photo and one boiled in very few minutes, even IN DOORS, some yards from a south facing window. It didn't pay to leave one's hand at the focus for long! The reflector generated considerable power even with such simple construction and materials. 35mm. FP4 Nikon F2 ID11
Solar Ovens
Solar Ovens
On the left a simple 2D parabolic reflector. On the right a "Sunny Cooker" designed by Teong H Tan

simple solar cooker designs
simple solar cooker designs
Hybrid Solar Cooker Sun Oven Portable Cooker by Sun BD Corporation
This unique hybrid solar oven by Sun BD Corporation cooks no matter what the weather. In sunshine, its rugged onepiece reflector panel combines with a double- paned window, double rubber seals and included booster panels to cook at temperatures up to 300. Or just plug it into a 120V outlet to cook using 75% less power than a conventional oven. In changeable conditions, sensor controls can even be set to cycle between solar and electric heat as needed. An ideal solution for power-challenged RVs and hot summer kitchens, its tough clamshell suitcase design offers easy carrying, instant set-up, and compact storage. Includes four cooking pans, oven mitt, oven thermometer, 6' power cord, and instructional CD. 211/4"H x 211/4"W x 79/10"D. Made in India.

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