Old Fashioned Cookie Recipes

old fashioned cookie recipes
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old-fashioned molasses cookies
old-fashioned molasses cookies
Does anyone ever follow a cookie recipe exactly when they command, "Drop cookies by tablespoonful on the cookie sheet?" I've never known anyone to make the cookies the actual size as recommended--or at least, I never have. Thus my cookies are always huge, and I like it that way. Goldstein's molasses cookies were very nice, even though I'm not much of a cookie or a molasses fan. They had a chewy, soft, almost spongey bite, with that dark sugar flavor from the molasses and brown sugar. She recommended smashing the raw dough bits down with a wet class coated in sugar, which I did for most of the cookies, but that added even more sweetness to something that was already very strong in that department.
Mary Alden Test Kitchen with Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies recipe
Mary Alden Test Kitchen with Old Fashioned Oatmeal Cookies recipe
As states in the back of the booklet "Welcome to the Mary Alden Test Kitchen at The Quaker Oats Company" This was on Page 27, the recipe was on page 11.

old fashioned cookie recipes
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