Cranberry shortbread cookies. Make shortbread cookies. Can you freeze cooked spaghetti

Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

cranberry shortbread cookies
    shortbread cookies
  • (shortbread cookie) shortbread: very rich thick butter cookie
  • A small, red, acid berry used in cooking
  • Cranberries are a group of evergreen dwarf shrubs or trailing vines in the genus Vaccinium subgenus Oxycoccos, or in some treatments, in the distinct genus Oxycoccos. They are found in acidic bogs throughout the cooler parts of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • The evergreen dwarf shrub of the heath family that yields this fruit
  • very tart red berry used for sauce or juice
  • any of numerous shrubs of genus Vaccinium bearing cranberries

Christmas cookies (2007)
Christmas cookies (2007)
Goodie bags for family and friends containing some of my classic Christmas cookie recipes - sugar cookie jam sandwiches, gingerbread men, fruitcake shortbread, white chocolate cranberry oatmeal cookies, and biscotti (tucked waaaaay in behind).
Fresh Baked Shortbread Cookies
Fresh Baked Shortbread Cookies
Gourmet shortbread Cookies fresh out of the oven . Toffee, Cinnamon and Sugar, Cranberry Vanilla and Mini-Chocolate Chip.

cranberry shortbread cookies
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